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Apr 20, 2011 02:08 PM

Good Paella caterer?

Does anyone know of a restaurant that will cater great paella to a birthday party in West Boca?

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  1. Paella is a relatively simple dish to make. I have a large paella pan, it seves about 16 people. We coo the paella outside and the guests socialize in the back yard until it is ready. Then to the dinning room. We bought the paella pan and it's outdoors propane burner for the paella years ago and it has been a great success. For what I understand, there are chefs that will bring the hardware to your house and make it. I've heard is expensive. I can send you my recipe, I wish I could doitin your house, but I keep mine kosher and make a chicken and chorizo paella, not the more traditional Valenciana. Keep in mind that as the national dish of Spain, paella ingredients are very regional, and not limited to shellfish.

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      sooo are you offering your services?? doubt she is looking for that though

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        Not at all. I am a pediatrician, a big time foodie and a cook by hobby. Not interested in working in the kitchen for money :). That being said, Paella is a dish to make at home :) and enjoy with family and friends. Once again, I can offer my recipe :)

    2. There was someone who posts on this board that had a wedding and had a paella catered and thought it was fantastic. I've searched for that thread but can't seem to find anything...sorry. I remember they posted a picture of a HUGE paella pan and everything. Perhaps it was lost when this board transitioned from the Florida board? I would maybe google "paella caterer miami". Good luck

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        Thanks to those of you who responded. I am sure I will find someone who does this.

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          I found this on google.

          They are in Miami but if they are serious about catering they might be willing to make the drive.

        2. We have used El Rey de paella- I think the owners names are Dennis and Gio. They were terrific!

            1. La Barraca in Hollywood has excellent paella and tapas as well. We used them multiple times from their previous location (Plantation).

              La Barraca
              Hollywood, FL, Hollywood, FL