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Apr 20, 2011 01:47 PM

Please comment on my ongoing toaster dilemma...

What to do about toasters?
One crappy cheap toaster after another. What's a cook to do? For a new approach, I'm considering the possibility of going commercial. My spouse wants a 4-slice version anyway... Is this one over-kill?
I wonder what your toaster experiences have been?

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  1. Mine were so bad that I went with a Breville Smart Toaster Oven. All of my bread, bagels, you name it, come out hot and the darkness I set it at. It's a wonderful machine.

    1. I went with a classic. It is a Sunbeam and it lowers the toast and brings it up automatically. The toaster gets hotter than the modern toasters and makes perfect toast. It is probably almost 60 years old. I love it.

      1. In case you missed it this recent thread covered this topic pretty well. My vote is for the Dualit Classic, a commercial toaster that became a design classic (NB NOT the Dualit Lite).

        1. "... I'm considering the possibility of going commercial. My spouse wants a 4-slice version anyway... Is this one over-kill?"

          Not in my opinion. Considering what I've spent in the past few years on heavily discounted coffee eqpt ($700+), knives & sharpeners ($550+), & frying pans ($150+), $110 for a commercially-intended toaster seems like a relative bargain!

          After reading the recent thread provided by andrewtree, I don't see how you could justify spending an ADDITIONAL $220 for the Dualit Classic. Reading reviews on both models, I'd only consider buying the Dualit Classic if it was the same price as the Waring, but definitely NOT at 3X the price.

          I am willing to spend more for items that are not manufactured in China. Unfortunately, it appears that both models are built in China (the Dualit only mentions that it's DESIGNED in England).

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          1. re: Eiron

            Williams-Sonoma carries a US version of the Dualit new-gen Classic. They only have the chrome version and it's $340 for the 4-slice version. They say it's hand *assembled* in England, although where the parts are made is anybody's guess.

            1. re: Eiron

              2-slice Dualit Classic, Williams-Sonoma Outlet Store, Wrentham MA. Best $49 I ever spent.

            2. If anyone knows............... it appears that the Dualit is only available in the UK, AU, NZ. Am I mis-Googling?

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              1. re: Midlife

                My search turned up 20 stores in the US, including Amazon, Target & Sears:


                1. re: Eiron

                  hm-m-m-m! And I consider myself a pretty good Googler,

                  Aha! The chow reference (andrewtree above) has a link to the Dualit 4 Slice New Gen" on Dualit's site. Googling that brings up UK, AU, NZ. "Duality 4 Slice Classic" brings up totally different sources. Didn't catch the difference.

                  1. re: Midlife

                    u need more google training grasshopper....