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Apr 20, 2011 01:21 PM

leftover Matzoh

i made several batches of chocolate matzoh crack but still have lots of matzoh leftover. What should I make?

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  1. I keep matzo around all year long. I turn them into cracker pizzas with tomato sauce and cheese, make matzo brei for breakfast, and have even used them as layers in a lasagna instead of the noodles.

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      matzo brei, matzo brei! matzo kugel

      1. They taste really good with peanut butter and jelly, as open face lunch sandwiches.

        1. My chickens really like it. Unfortunately, after next Tuesday, that's where all the leftovers will be going since none of us really want to be eating it.

          1. Sheets of matzoh can be used instead of pasta to make a very credible lasagna. Just use your regular lasagna recipe and use the matzoh - dry - in place of the lasagna noodles and bake as usual. The sauce and baking soften the matzoh and ends up being pretty darn close to pasta. Easier than anything and quite delicious.

            We also eat a lot of matzoh brei, even in the off-season. It's a great brunch dish - you can make it savoury or sweet. Another idea: soften the whole matzoh sheets in warm water and fill like an enchilada and bake. Can also be used to line greased pie plates to form a crust for quiche. And I've made some very good poultry stuffing with crumbled and soaked matzoh mixed with the usual suspects (sauteed onion, celery, mushroom, etc.). Oh and don't forget matzoh pizza - spread matzoh with pasta sauce, cheese and whatever other toppings you like and bake.

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              Matzoh lasagna, wow Nyleve I've never run across this. Very interesting and thank you for sharing it.

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                Seriously. It's good enough that sometimes I wonder why I don't make all the time instead of the regular kind.

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                  Very curious now! Do you lean towards less sauce with a matzoh based lasagna. I'm a bit concerned about it becoming too soft/mushy. Thoughts/suggestions, pls.

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                    I would use about the same amount of sauce as in a regular lasagna made with cooked pasta (as opposed to the no-boil kind). The matzoh soaks up some of the liquid as it softens - it really doesn't get too mushy but that's something you may just want to play with. To be honest I haven't made it yet this year (still eating seder leftovers) so I can't remember exact details. If I make it before I hear a report back from anyone, I'll let you know what I did and how it turned out.

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                      Several people recently shared their matza lasagna recipes on the kosher board, here:

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                        My gentile mind is offically blown, thank you GilaB!

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                    Nyleve, I like to make matzoh lasagna and find it a very similar to the real deal. Once the matzoh has soaked up some liquid it is almost like a noodle. I have a hard time convincing my wife but she's not a fan of pasta dishes anyway and hates matzoh.