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Apr 20, 2011 12:44 PM

The new Calgary Farmers' Market at Blackfoot Centre will open tomorrow

I know there are always mixed reviews about this market...but it will finally open tomorrow at 11 am. There are a lot of new vendors who were not at the Currie Barracks location. Give them a try. There is lots of parking on the east side of the building with entrances from the SE and NE corner of the location. Many of the vendors did not have other locations to sell out of while the construction was ongoing (and on going and on going) so I am sure they would greatly appreciate any support. They will be open on Thursdays YEAR ROUND from 11 am to 7 pm and then on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 9 am to 5 pm.

Calgary Farmers' Market
510 77th AVE SE, Calgary, AB T2H 1C3, CA

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  1. Ooo, interesting. I wonder if they're open Good Friday? Probably not...

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    1. re: AriaDream

      I e-mailed them and got a reply. They're open on Good Friday! I'm definiely going. :)

    2. I think this will be an interesting new market and hopefully there will be less misrepresentation than some of the other markets. There are too many people pretending to be farmers.

      Check out Kingsland Markets video on youtube . At 1:15 of the video a market spokesperson claims that everyone must "make it, bake it or grow it" to be in Kingsland market.

      That's funny because Prairie Farms has no farms and Kings Orchard is only a myth as far as I've seen.

      If you go to the market ask the vendor where there farm/kitchen is and see what they say.

      Good Luck CFM, lets keep it real.

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      1. re: hippiehouse

        It's not a new market, it is CFM with a new location and some new vendors. Count on the same high, or higher, prices.

      2. Awesome news! I'll be checking out the product tomorrow for sure...

        Thanks for the heads up

        1. I've missed my Gull Valley tomatoes for sure.... despite the lack of communication on opening dates... I'm really glad to see the market reopen.

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          1. re: foodkarma

            Just to order for a market to be an "approved" farmers market by AFMA - 80% of the vendors must "make it, bake it or grow it". Both Kingsland and the new CFM fit these guidelines (Crossroads does not). For sure the market will be open Good Friday and all weekend. On Easter Sunday - there may be a few vendors who will not be open - but most will be. I think the best move was making the Thursday hours (11-7) year round.

            1. re: katidyd

              unfortunately, that "regulation" is about as believable as an "organic" sticker on a piece of fruit.

              1. re: katidyd

                How does "making it" or "baking it" qualify as farming? Are knick-knacks produce?

                I'm confused.

              2. re: foodkarma

                Until I can get some more Gull Valley, Red Hat tomatoes have been tiding me over. They're much better than the usual bland grocery store boxed tomato.

                1. re: 23skidoo

                  I'm lucky I go back and forth between Calgary and Edmonton. Gull Valley Greenhouses is also at the Edmonton Strathcona Farmer's Market.... but still miss it in Calgary. Will have to give Red Hat a try but definitely have problems with the "bland grocery store" tomatoes... Gull Valley turned me off almost all other tomatoes.

              3. Perigord sandwich at Le Petit Mousse. My highlight today.