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Apr 20, 2011 11:11 AM

Does anyone know Antica Pesa in Rome?

I have gotten so many conflicting recommendations that I am confused.
Someone had highly recommended Antica Pesa to me as well as the concierge at the
hotel we are staying at. After looking online, It seems like it is a celebrity hangout and gets
some awful reviews on tripadvisor.
I have a reservation but now do not know what to do.

Anyone have any advise on this restaurant?

My husband and I and the other couple we are traveling with love good wine and food and
a nice atmosphere. Our feeling is that we can find great food without paying an arm and leg.

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  1. I have never been there, but I've walked past it and looked at the menu. It seemed an attractive place but a pretty straightforward local menu at above average prices. The little I've heard has been of the "overpriced" sort. You can do better. Concierges are rarely the best people to ask. They have their own agenda, or at least many do.

    1. YOu might want to read through some of the recent Rome posts on ths Board and get an idea of what is available. Or tell us how much you are looking to spend and what neighborhood you are looking to eat in. If you are not staying Trastevere, Antica Pesa will likely be a cab ride away for you.

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        Here is my birthday dinner in Rome after spending 10 days in Sicily. I am not concerned about the neighborhood, I just want to be at a terrific restaurant with a fun, interesting not too fussy ambience....if it is expensive and worth it...ok...but no need to spend an arm and a leg just to say
        I was at a particular restaurant.

        1. re: HPosnick

          In that case, you do not want Antica Pesa. Suitable restaurants for celebratory dinners have been discussed at length here. For my own celebrations, I usually wind up at Agata e Romeo, Il Convivio, or Il Pagliaccio, and I don't think they are fussy, but some people find them on the formal side.I liked Baby very much the one time I went. Antico Arco would be a rung down, more youthful ambience, very good food. All'Oro even better. Settembrini, newish and quite good, is probably on a par with Antico Arco, though I find the service at Antico Arco more competent (but go early)..

          Il Pagliaccio
          Via dei Banchi Vecchi, 130, Roma 00186, IT

          Antico Arco
          Piazzale Aurelio, 7, Roma 00151, IT

          Agata e Romeo
          Via Carlo Alberto 45, Rome 00185, IT

          Via Luigi Settembrini, 25, Rome, Lazio , IT

          Via Eleonora Duse, 1, Rome, Lazio , IT

          1. re: mbfant

            Baby is closed, there is now Oliver Glowig at the Aldrovandi Palace Hotel, which Katie reviewed positively.
            Agree with all other suggestions!

            Oliver Glowig
            Via Ulisse Aldrovandi,15, Rome, Lazio 00197, IT

            1. re: vinoroma

              Thank you so much for your replies. This is a great site.

            2. re: mbfant

              Thank you for the suggestions. Very much appreciated.

              But does anyone have any info on Antica Pesa?????....I am trying to figure out if I should even bother going any time since there are so many other excellent choices

              1. re: HPosnick

                dont bother. that place is way overrated.

              2. re: mbfant

                Great suggestions from Maureen!
                I can add I spent one of my greatest birthdays with a tasting menu at Agata e Romeo. I was also lucky that evening because seating at the near table to the artist author of paintings they had at walls (quite famous actually). He was friendly and funny and...he was celebrating his birthday too ;)
                Sorry I can't help you about Antica Pesa. I know it is a restaurant loved by Roman VIPs (soccer players, actors, ...) and the high score from GR 2011 has provoked many opposite reaction from local foodies.

                Agata e Romeo
                Via Carlo Alberto 45, Rome 00185, IT

                1. re: tavoleromane

                  Yes, it was my feeling that it was too too celebrity oriented....their website is like the red carpet at the Academy Awards....that's what worried me...although a good friend had loved it!

                  1. re: HPosnick

                    We had a wonderful dinner there last summer. The garden was beautiful and the perfect setting on that summer evening. The owner and all the waiters were friendly and very accomodating. We will be back in August!