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Jan 30, 2006 06:34 PM

Turkish Restaurants in LA?

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Can anyone give me any good recommendations for Turkish restaurants in LA County?


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  1. The only one I know of is a place called Sofia that is in the food court at the Westside Pavilion -- a family owned place amid the franchises and corporate purveyors. I like it -- I've only had the chicken kebab plate, though.

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      Shafaa in Hawthorne, on Hawthorne Boulevard just south of 120th - excellent place that goes beyond the standard kebabs. If you have a family or large party, call chef Orhan Uz in advance and he'll put together a sampling dinner. Currently open during remodeling. The service is sometimes slow, but the food is always good. No alcohol, but you can bring your own.

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        Thanks for the Shafaa suggestion. Do you by any chance know how much per person a sampling dinner would cost?


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          I'd estimate the cost of the tasting dinners at between fifteen and twenty dollars a person with non-alcoholic beverage.

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          Just went, not impressed. Pretty bad food -- dry rice, mediocre meats, terrible service.

        3. Serra's, in Studio City on Ventura near Whitsett where the Queen Mary female-impersonator club used to be.

          Not to start a political discussion, but Turkish restaurants tend not to advertise themselves as Turkish due to the huge Armenian population in LA, especially in the Valley. Most Turkish places identify themselves as "Middle Eastern", "Mediterranean" or even "Lebanese". If you see "cacik" on the menu, spelled that way, it's owned by Turkish people.

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            That's a good point about their reticence to advertise themeselves. I never thought about that.

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              Dogbite Williams

              I would appreciate your opinion of Serra's, Das Ubergeek.

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                Das Ubergeek

                I've actually never been -- I just see that it says "Serra's Gourmet Turkish Cuisine"... I really should go at some point when the finances are a bit better.