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Apr 20, 2011 10:01 AM

Easter Dinner Emergency

Just made plans to visit with college daughter in Portland this Sunday...always last minute...

Anyone have any ideas about Lunch or Dinner? ...anything within 20 miles up or down east would be is no object...just ask my daughter...

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  1. Never been to these places, but it's a start...

    Haraseeket Inn Freeport 11-3:30 4/12 (the best brunch buffet but very $$$ - have caviar, lobster, everything) - $60 adults, $30 children.
    MArriott Sable Oaks South Portland, 10-3 4/12 $28.95, $14.95.
    Downeast Village Yarmouth, 12-3 4/12, $25, $11.
    Muddy Rudder Yarmouth, 11-4 4/12, $19, $10.
    Jameson Tavern Freeport, 11-5 4/12 $27.95, $9.95.

    I found this info on another website and it's from 2009 so they prices may be different now.

    Muddy Rudder
    5 S Main St, Brewer, ME 04412

    Jameson Tavern Restaurant
    115 Main St, Freeport, ME 04032

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      Definitely avoid at all costs Muddy Rudder and Jameson: indifferent is too high a compliment for either of them. Agree that Haraseeket is excellent but pricey; the suggestions below are likely to provide an excellent meal for less than $60.

    2. Must it be a "traditional" Easter dinner?

      Open Table shows availability at lunch and/or dinner at quite a few places including:

      555, Street & Co & Vignola (all Portland proper and all $$$)

      10 Dana Street, Portland, ME 04101

      Street & Co
      33 Wharf St., Portland, ME 04101

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      1. re: HDinCentralME

        Here is what we did...

        Bintliffs for brunch on Sunday...excellent Bloody Mary, breakfast all a good solid B ..homefries were undercooked, I atethe Buerre Noisette Scrambled Eggs with Muchrooms...someone forgot to Noiisette the butter...

        place is tiny...have not seen a kitchen that small since is good...needs some sprucing up...piuc on the web is a bit deceptive

        Bar hopping on Sunday afternoon...Ri Ra's...completely empty...I asked to watch the Celtics and was told..."we watch soccer here" we went across the steet to the Commercial(?) ...local place but they had the game on...and somneone brought in a birthday cake...then we went to Foreplay...more sports, friendly college place ... then a few doors down to another bar...the one woith all the mugs hanging from the ceiling...brew pub...lots of was typical bar food but OK...chowder was good.

        Monday morning...ate about $10 worth of stuff from Standard Bakery...never dissapointed...then went to Hot Suppa for breakfast...finally found a place that doesn't autimatically assume everyone wants a Belgium Waffle...this place had regular ones...they were meal of the visit.

        Last point or question...Portland has more culinary vibe than most cities in America...everyuone has something to offer...I just wish some of them would try and spend a little more on the ambiance...aside from Fore Street...I always think the decorator spent the weekend at a tag sale...and it doesnl;t translate into lower prices...I just like the whole;s a kids matybe that has something to do with it...

        Love Portland...remins me of a small Seattle...

        Hot Suppa
        703 Congress St, Portland, ME 04102

        1. re: jms123

          Glad you found good eats; next time you're looking for brunch you mighy also try Artemesia in west end. With regard to the ambience issues, MHO would be that many of the smaller great food locations are run by our coterie of younger, less affluent chefs (Bresca comes to mind), but that the higher-end spots are very pleasant indeed: I think of Hugo's, 555, and Back Bay Grill, for example, as interesting and elegant, although each in its own way.

          Back Bay Grill
          65 Portland St, Portland, ME 04101

          1. re: mainemal

            Emilitsa has an a bit of an urban, upscale ambience too (albeit in a relatively small space).

          2. re: jms123

            Check out Grace - the decorator spent a whole lot of money on that place.