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Apr 20, 2011 09:49 AM

Today's deal is a $40 gift certificate to Black Forest Cafe in Amherst for $20. How's the food? Is it worth it?

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  1. The lunches there have been o.k. for me. It's not that I would never go again, but I would not go out of my way to eat there. Depending on what the deal says you could buy, I would probably use the GC for bakery items instead. I'm guessing it won't be good for wine purchases, otherwise, that would be a fantastic deal!

    How is that coupon site btw?

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      Cash back for unused portion? NO
      No cash value.
      Not valid with any other promotion or discount.
      Tax and gratuity not included.
      One per table.
      No refunds. All sales are final.
      Valid after 4pm and in Dining Room only.
      Not valid on marketplace items or takeout.
      Certificates must be used in full upon redemption
      Expires 1 year from date of purchase unless prohibited by law.

      So no marketplace purchases.....

      The site is pretty good....seems to be getting more active. I haven't purchases anything yet, but if they put up the right deal, I would.

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        Ok, well then, it's been a long time since I've eaten in the dining room, and I had brunch that time. I was still not hugely impressed, but wasn't completely disappointed either. I was just looking again at the BF, they are expensive!!! The Reuben is $11! Now, that does include some sort of side salad, but to me, that's pretty steep for a basic lunch sandwich.

        On a side note, I got pretty nauseous looking at the green/white stripes at the top of their website. Ouch, my eyes!

      2. re: solargarlic

        I have to speak up in support of this place. It's a great place for takeout and I stop there whenever in the area to take something home. Great soups/vegi chili, quiches/mediterranean tarts, and I love the feta-orzo pasta salad. There are some really good pies, cakes and cookies.

        1. re: 3catsnh

          Unfortunately, the NH daily deal for BF was only for the dining room and not for take out. Agree that it's a good place to pick up some baked goods, soup or a sandwich, but the dining room is expensive and underwhelming.

      3. It's comfort food for Amherst ladies who lunch. The place you take mom to get her out of the assisted living facility for the afternoon.

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          Ha ha, that is a great way to put it! Now I get the picture.