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Apr 20, 2011 09:33 AM

Next dress code?

I finally managed to open apple+R my way to some Next tickets this morning, so am wondering if any of you who have been there can give me a sense of what the dress code might be? My husband is strongly averse to wearing a suit anywhere, ever, so really the question is....will he be able to get away with dark jeans, a dress shirt, and a sport jacket?

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  1. From Nick Kokolnas...Co-owner Next

    "No dress code other than, well, look pretty nice."

    Take it for what it's worth. I think he'll be okay

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    1. re: hoppy2468

      Ah, that news will cause much relief in our household. Thanks!

      1. re: VSquared

        I gotta say: I was debating not wearing a suit to our dinner last night, but decided to anyway. Boy am I glad I did. I'd say 80+% of the people there were in suites. I'm certain the restaurant doesn't require it. But I would have been in the serious minority if I didn't.
        Btw, dinner was amazing but it was the staff and the chefs that made the night. Such a great group of people. Chefs Beran and Deleon were so laid back and happy to talk. You can sense they are excited about what they do.
        Enjoy. And try to get in to Aviary. We sneaked a peak, and what they are doing there is like nothing else you will find, anywhere.

        1. re: Heeney

          Heeney - I was part of the 20 percent. Ate there at 7 on April 22. If I could do it again, I'd probably wear a suit and tie - I noticed that I was in the minority - but I didnt' feel uncomfortable or self-conscious at all. I had on a sportcoat, nice dress shirt and dress pants, and felt just fine - but go ahead, wear the suit.

          Speaking of "what to wear" - as a general rule, and especially in a restaurant where food is the centerpiece - please go easy on the perfume. A table of f"superhip" club-attired thirtysomethings our sat down near us and suffused us in CLOUDS of perfume. Fortunately, we were most of the way through (and fortunately my sense of smell adapted), but come on. People three or four tables away were gasping. Not very considerate. Don't think they were wearing suits, so I don't think it was you, Heeney.

          I agree with Heeney's take. Sublime. Perfect execution - simple dishes made wonderful with beautiful ingredients and thoughtful preparation.

          1. re: RVA Transplant

            My husband wore a suit with no tie. Most men were in suits, though I don't think you would be out of place in a dress shirt and dress pants.

            Most women were in dresses. Except the woman next to me, who was in ratty jeans and a white v-neck t-shirt. Not sure how/why she thought that would be appropriate.

            1. re: RVA Transplant

              Haha! No, that wasn't me. I don't really do cologne and the wife only had about one small spritz on. :) We got there for 8:45 and sat at a two top near the front door.
              Sounds like, while you didn't have a suit, you still had a sportcoat and so I may have grouped you with all the others, all I did was glance the room and then turned to my wife who smirked at me and said "told ya."
              Legalfoodie, that's what I wore too, jacket and no tie.

        1. Snagged a same-day the night after easter midnight service where I ended up with candle wax on my jacket :-(

          Thus, I just went to Next in a button down and slacks. No one seemed to care, least of all me.