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Apr 20, 2011 09:14 AM

Indoor/Outdoor restaurant or cafe recs good for pictures in Paris?

Hi guys,

Been using these boards for years, with great success helping me plan meals around the world...and while I poked around the search function regarding my particular question, I didn't have much luck, so i thought I'd throw this out to the board.

In essence, my fiance and I are heading to Paris in late May and will be joined for a couple of days by our friend, who's also going to be the photographer at our wedding. We were hoping to use the opportunity to have some pictures taken and because we both love food, restaurants, and Paris in general, we're looking for a few recommendations for picturesque indoor or outdoor restaurants that might work for a few interesting parisian food related pics.

Understanding that it's hard to take a bad picture in Paris in the spring and that probably countless outdoor cafes would produce great photographs, are there any specific places that folks would consider particularly interesting, in either setting, decor, flowers, view, etc?

thanks in advance.

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  1. There are many restaurants whose interior fits the bill, but in France privacy is an extremely serious matter. Most restaurants are fine if you sneak a photo or two in a low-key way. It is not so cool if you bring in a photographer and pose in different places in the room and take pics of the room with other diners in it.

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      good point, meant to add that we'd probably be less inclined to do anything in a tight indoor space and/or michelin starred restaurant, or really anywhere where it would be uncomfortable for other patrons (i personally am very self conscious of even taking photos of food, and very rarely do so).

      i guess I should revise my question to primarily include more public, outdoor spaces, where something like this would not be intrusive to anyone else.

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        I just had lunch at Tokyo Eat, the outdoor restaurant at the Palais de Tokyo. The tables are set on a large terrace with the Seine in the background. Decorative hipster waiters in t-shirts. Desserts made by Beninese pâtissier Hermès Agboton. The food is rather nice. That would be a good setting for pictures if there isn't too much sun.

        1. re: mwnyc

          The common rooms in the Ritz and Geo V have some of the greatest floral displays I have ever seen. Both have fine bars & restaurants well covered here and elsewhere. As long as you dine there, they will be hospitable and friendly.

      2. Not sure if it'll still be open but Nomiya on the roof of the Palais de Tokyo would fit the bill. Attractive enough room with stunning backdrop. Small enough to convince your fellow diners to join in the festivities. Everybody in our sitting was taking photos.