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Apr 20, 2011 07:57 AM

What sides should I serve with my leg of lamb?

Hi all,
I've got dinner guests coming next Thursday. Life is a little more complicated when these guys come over, because two of them are chefs. They would never say anything but kind things no matter what I served them, but it does raise the stakes somewhat. I've decided on leg of lamb stuffed with a sundried tomato goat cheese mixture for the main. I'd love any suggestions of some sides to serve. Something traditional, but maybe with a twist. Spring has just sprung here, so I was thinking about doing some of the sides on the grill -- maybe some grilled garlicky new potatoes? Grilled asparagus is always lovely. But I'm flexible, and I'd love to hear anyone's suggestions about sides. Or dessert, if you're feeling so inclined!
Thanks all!

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  1. I love grilled asparagus! On the new potatoes I might opt for the "Crash Hot Potatoes" baked with fresh rosemary sprigs. Are you familiar with them?

      1. re: monavano

        What about a minted pea puree with creme fraiche?

      2. Gosh, with that stuffing, my mind went to risotto for a starch - maybe orzo to keep it greek? The grilled asparagus would go well with that.

        1. We usually do a rice pilaf, hummus, pitas, tzatziki and a horiatiki salad.

          1. Made this last night with the current COTM:
            Asparagus with bacon. Delicious.

            I also think roasted or grilled vegetables go well with roast lamb as do the pilafs mentioned. I particularly like an eggplant somethingorother too.