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What sides should I serve with my leg of lamb?

Hi all,
I've got dinner guests coming next Thursday. Life is a little more complicated when these guys come over, because two of them are chefs. They would never say anything but kind things no matter what I served them, but it does raise the stakes somewhat. I've decided on leg of lamb stuffed with a sundried tomato goat cheese mixture for the main. I'd love any suggestions of some sides to serve. Something traditional, but maybe with a twist. Spring has just sprung here, so I was thinking about doing some of the sides on the grill -- maybe some grilled garlicky new potatoes? Grilled asparagus is always lovely. But I'm flexible, and I'd love to hear anyone's suggestions about sides. Or dessert, if you're feeling so inclined!
Thanks all!

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  1. I love grilled asparagus! On the new potatoes I might opt for the "Crash Hot Potatoes" baked with fresh rosemary sprigs. Are you familiar with them? http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/742088

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        What about a minted pea puree with creme fraiche?

      2. Gosh, with that stuffing, my mind went to risotto for a starch - maybe orzo to keep it greek? The grilled asparagus would go well with that.

        1. We usually do a rice pilaf, hummus, pitas, tzatziki and a horiatiki salad.

          1. Made this last night with the current COTM:
            Asparagus with bacon. Delicious.

            I also think roasted or grilled vegetables go well with roast lamb as do the pilafs mentioned. I particularly like an eggplant somethingorother too.

            1. Rice with mint and feta. My family has been making this rice recipe for years and we often serve it with lamb. It's super simple but amazingly delicious. We tend to let the onion caramelize slightly over low heat rather than just making it translucent. If the rice finishes a little early, just leave it covered and wait until just before serving to stir in the feta and mint. http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/foo...

              For veg, grilled asparagus works nicely, or a light spinach salad with something a little fruity and crunchy.

              1. I think with such a strongly flavoured stuffing I'd go for quite simple and plain accompaniments - boiled new potatoes, asparagus as it's very seasonal - that sort of thing

                1. Traditional Greek:
                  Lemon Potatoes
                  Baby Artichokes
                  Easter Salad => Shredded Romaine, Dill, Scallions, Lemon Vinaigrette
                  taste is enhanced with a constantly filled glass of Ouzo...

                  1. I personally like potatoes with lamb. What about goat cheese mashed potatoes? You can even make ahead if you like. I make Emeril's goat cheese mashed potatoes every Thanksgiving and they are a huge hit: http://www.emerils.com/recipe/3080/go...

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                      I love Emerils recipes, they've always worked for me. In fact I pulled out one of his cookbooks earlier today. Emerils Delmonico has a shrimp and eggplant casserole dish that has me drooling!

                    2. Asparagus souffle! One of my favorite lamb go-withs!

                      1. Another fan of potatoes with leg of lamb. I would make them a touch special with some roasted garlic, fried mustard seeds and sprinkle with crisped shallots. But I also like it with minted peas, roasted butternut squash puree or grilled asparagus risotto. Last week with our leg of lamb I made fabulous oven roasted lemon rosemary potatoes (parboiled first so the insides remain tender and the outside crispy). We grilled asparagus. Very good with grilled cheese right on the grill such as haloumi or provolone drizzled with a young green olive oil.

                        1. I'm sure many of us our planning our Easter or holiday menus. I was thinking stuffed artichokes, and orzo with toasted pinon nuts and fresh herbs with a light lemony dressing. The orzo can be served room temperature or warmed. A chocolate tart with a chocolate crust and praline topping and hazelnut ice cream. My suggestions and dishes that I'm thinking of doing myself. i stlill check here for ideas too though!

                          1. So many excellent suggestions! Thank you all so much! Now I have the opposite problem: choosing what to make from all these ideas! I think grilled asparagus, and then I'm torn between potatoes and orzo or rice pilaf. I'll have to think about whether I could do the potatoes in the oven or whether the lamb will take up the whole oven for the whole cooking time.
                            Thanks all for the fantastic brainstorming! I want to eat all of the things you've mentioned -- YUM!

                            1. I am planning on a roast leg of lamb stuffed with garlic and rosemary and of course will have mint jelly.
                              I would like to serve wild rice, a salad of fresh orange slices, red onion and avocado with a poppyseed dressing served on romaine and fresh asparagus and brussell sprouts. We are big veggie lovers. Would this be too much?

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                                No, not too much at all. Everything sounds wonderful. What time should I be there?

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                                  That sounds perfect. Whenever I do lamb and rosemary I like to serve a warm grain salad on the side with Peppadew dressing and red onions so there are similar flavors.

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                                    Those veggies all sound great to me!
                                    Have you made the momofuku brussel sprouts? Not sure if your crowd would love them or think they are "weird" but includes some mint and spice:

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                                      Everything sounds delicious but i tend to not serve two green veg. On the eastern side of Canada the asparagus is not so great at this time of year so I would swap it out for beets. I love glazed beets and they would add a beautiful color to your plate.