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Apr 20, 2011 07:51 AM

Seeking recommendations for top-quality Greek olive oil & other items at Astoria Greek markets

I am a newcomer to the wonderland of the Greek food markets in Astoria. This week I "discovered" some amazing Easter cookies at Titan, which has a table filled with Easter sweets, in addition to their regular bakery counter.

I have been buying Sitia oil from Crete for less than $8 for a 750ml bottle; this was one of the oils chosen by Eric Ripert in a blind tasting on his tv show, Avec Eric, last year.

I would like to hear about other oils from Greece, and which shops offer oils from the latest harvest.
On another thread, Euphoria oil was highly recommended; who sells this in Astoria?

Many of the bottles I have seen bear only the recommended last date of use, not the date of harvest. When is the harvest in Greece and when do the "new" oils arrive here? How can I find the freshest there some kind of code on the label that would indicate date of harvest?

These Greek shops appear to offer tremendous prices on bottled and tinned oils. I am finding it difficult, however, to ferret out the best quality, since no tasting is offered.

Apart from feta olives, yogurts, taramasalata, etc, what else do you buy at the Greek food shops?

Any and all advice/discussion/opinions will be welcomed!

Titan Foods
25-56 31st St, Queens, NY 11102

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  1. I love Titan and always buy low acid Sitia oil there. I have also enjoyed their cheeses, sardines and assorted weird tinned and jarred stuff like grape leaves.

    1. pastisitio noodles, grape leaves, sumac, cheeses like kefeloteri, Greek oregano.

      1. I really like Greek Emporium on 150th st in Whitestone, mellow place and very clean--and fantastic selection of feta--they also have very good spinach pie there often, good selection of greek canned stuff--good oils, at decent prices--I happen to not care for Sitia at all---tthough...and yes, I tried almost all the oils in the smaller bottles at Titan, and wasn't impressed by the more expensive vs the less expensive.--don't remember anything exceptional, and not too different from the kalamata greek oil that TJ's has at a decent price---

        Their olives are much nicer than Titan--fresh and not too aciidic and less expensive--

        Was a long time customer of Titan, but really like the service and selection at Greek Emporium--however, the bakery at Titan is great--and those melamakarona cookies that you must be talking about are legendary--no comparison anywhere...they make them the best---
        and I love their pistachio honey drenched desserts--and many other things----------

        There are wonderful other cheese selections at both Titan and Greek Emporium besides the feta as well--also, figs when in season are a good buy--and filo dough in less popular thicknesses is something I buy at Greek shops--also, the bean salad and octupus salad is very good at Greek Emporium--

        so, yes, depending on certain dietary restrictions I might be following--I buy the following at Greek shops--cheeses, olives, bakery goods, prepared foods, breads, bakery items, grape leaves, oils, filo dough, some frozen items, anchovies, figs, --------and lately I've been making my own brine which keeps the feta so much better than when I was getting brine at the time of purchase...............absolutely love Greek food..........

        Greek Food Emporium
        12-52 150th St, Queens, NY 11357

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        1. re: janie

          Thanks so much for that informative post. Interesting comment about the oils. My "house" oils are usually the Fairway-bottled oils; I have tried and liked their Greek Koroneiki oil (I believe Sitia is made from this olive) but was impressed by the prices at the Greek stores, and by their vast range of different oils..

          Critical question: do they have free parking at Whitestone Greek Emporium? Or easy street parking?

          1. re: erica

            there is metered parking on 150th street and side street parking as well--I usually find a space without a problem either in front or across the street mid afternoon--and early evening hours--it's a much smaller place than Titan but works fine for me for the essentials--and as I said, everything is very fresh and well kept.