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Swarm Jam/Groupon Coupons

Has anyone bought and used any of these offers from Restaurants and if so do they deliver on what they promise? Sometimes a deal comes up but I am afraid to invest in purchasing because I am not sure if I am reading the small print correctly and what happens when I get to the restaurant.

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  1. I bought a 20$ Groupon (for 40$ worth of food) for Pica Pica not too long ago. In fact, my partner and I bought one each and they accepted both for the same visit. You have to read the fine print. Some groupons say "limit 1 per person" while others say "limit 1 per table". So you can do the math and see if it is truly a good deal for you, depending on whether you plan to go alone or not.

    We had a very pleasant experience and they were happy we bought the groupons. In fact, we liked the restaurant so much we will probably be going back. So I guess this type of marketing does work.

    1. My girlfriend purchased four coupons at $10 each, worth $20 at Artigiani Pizzeria. We had forgot about them until this past Sunday. Upon reviewing the coupon, we noticed they expired in March, when we had only bought them at the end of January. Regardless, we called the restaurent, and explained that we had 4 expired coupons, but asked if we could still use them for a birthday celebration. The restaurent agreed to honor our coupons. Out of a group of 7, four of us used the coupons, and it effectively knocked off $20 off each of our bills. Well worth the buy, but definitely read the fine print and expiration dates.

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        I also bought a coupon from Artigiani but mine expires in July (different site maybe). How was the food? The menu looks good but I would be interested in any recommendations - to try or to avoid.


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          Overall the food was good. Not amazing and not horrible. I probably wont go back, unless I get another coupon or I have a party there (which I doubt I will). But I have nothing bad to say about it. We shared some pizzas to start, and they were fine.. One mushroom the other meat (pepperoni and sausage). I ordered the Linguini with pesto and goats cheese, and asked if they could put italian sausage in it, they did. It tasted good, but I love pesto so...My one complaint was that I discretely told the waitress at the beginning to bring a tiramisu for the birthday girl after the meal and pointed her out. After the meal, the waitress pulled me aside (not obvious at all) and needed clarifying on what to bring and whose birthday it was. A little bit annoying was nothing too crazy. Overall, it was good. Worth a try if you got the coupons or are in the area.

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            I think the Quebec consumer protection act makes expiration dates void but I cant remember....anyone?

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              They make expirery date for money that YOU have paid un-applicable. Meaning if you buy a gift certificate it should not expire. But if you receive a gift certificate as part of a promotion then it can expire.

              Which would corroborates celfie<s statement below that when a coupon expires, the value paid is still applicable but the the value it was worth (ie you paid 10$ for a 20$ gift certificate, after it expires you can still claim your 10$).

        2. I purchased two coupons at $20 each worth $40 for Damas from Tuango (which is another group purchasing website that works just like Groupon) maybe about a month ago. The fine print was that the coupons were valid any day except for Friday or Saturday, so we showed up on a Sunday and used both coupons at the same time with no problem.

          It was a very pleasant experience. I felt a little bit shy presenting coupons at such a nice restaurant, but there were no problems at all (we asked if the coupons were valid before we were seated) and of course, always leave a tip based on the full price of the meal :)

          $80 worth of food for $40 is a great deal and I really recommend using these group buying websites. I just bought yesterday's Groupon for Rumi Grill yesterday!

          1. the terrible moderators deleted my post of including a link some place else but on city linked today is a coupon for L'UN DES SENS - 3 course meal for $15

            1. Hi

              I have purchased and used many coupons from various group buying sites and have never had a problem. You definitely do need to read the fine print regarding how many you can use per table or per person and the days they are valid and whether you can use for food and drinks. Most sites will also have an e-mail address where you can ask questions and clarify information before purchasing and I have found answers to be very rapid. I have never been made to feel cheap or uncomfortable when presenting the coupons. I think they are becoming very commonplace now.

              Its a nice opportunity to try somewhere new (or visit a favourite) and save a few buck.

              Go for it and enjoy!

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                Same for me; I bought a few coupons for Su, Omnivore, Pica Pica, Kalalu, Tourtière Australienne and Ben and Jerry's and used them without any problem. The rules differ from one store to the next, but it's clearly explained on the web site before you buy.

                Buying is also easy: you create an account and pay either via PayPal or credit card. You then get the coupon by email (usually a couple hours later) and print it off. All the important info is on that coupon (limits, expiry date, exlusions, etc).

                A great concept!

              2. I've purchased from Groupon and Tuango for restaurants, spas and other various services. I've never had issues with the store. The only slight issue i had was for a spa coupon. When i called to reserve the spa could only give me an appointment in 3 months, since they sold too many vouchers and tried to limit the number of voucher customers per day. There is no such problem for restaurant coupons though.

                As others stated, READ THE FINE PRINT and the comments section (on tuango) to know what are the rules surrounding the coupon. Each store states his own rules so never assume.

                I asked a store how tuango works and they explained that the store sends the used up coupon number to tuango who gives them the money. So to the people who had an expired coupon, the store in question did not get the money, tuango did. That is probably why the store will still honor the coupon and fight with tuango to get their money back? I'm just guessing here.

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                  the coupon is worth its face value after it expires