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Apr 20, 2011 06:41 AM

Dinner at Restaurant August

Any recent reports? I've been checking Yelp, Urbanspoon, OpenTable, etc. but haven't found too many detailed posts about the menu items currently being offered. Any input would be great, as I like to know ahead of time what my choices will be (I can tend to be just a tad indecisive...)

Thanks for any input.

Restaurant August
301 Tchoupitoulas Street, New Orleans, LA 70130

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  1. August changes its menu on a regular basis; some staples, but the details on the rest vary. the website has a sample menu, but it is not 100% accurate.

    1. There have been several comments here, though I cannot recall any, that was a full review. There were a few, that were not complimentary, but the majority (by how much?) were.

      I have an older one here, and the only issue that I had was with the "sommelier's wine pairings." That was a couple of sommeliers ago. Also, just the time between then, and now, would diminish the usefulness of that review.

      Good luck,


      PS -we did, and I reviewed, the full tasting menu.

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        Was there last week - was not cheap but very - very good. Had the beet salad - nice mix of flavors and decent size, a pork belly appetizer (excellent) and the duck. My husband and 16 year old daughter had the fish( I think red fish) and we all loved the amuse bouche of egg fluff, truffle and caviar. Even my daughter said you can real taste the truffle's in this! I didn't think the desserts were as strong as the rest of the food - though my daughters ambrosia of fresh fruit was the exception - extremely fresh, and refreshing. I had an almond flavored pastry that was good but not great. What I did really like was that they had two tasting menus and if you wanted just one of those items you could order it. That is where the pork belly was and it was perfect.

        Only thing we didn't like was if you got there early the "bar" area was very small and very brightso not comfortable. But overall the best dinner we had in New Orleans but expect to pay for the privilege - just as you would in any top restaurant on either coast.

        1. re: calimn

          I'm looking forward to the ability to customize our own tasting menu of sorts. Looking at the sample menu on the website my ideal meal would probably be:

          Foie Gras 3 ways
          Pork Belly and Crawfish

          Dessert... maybe, depending on how hungry we are. It'll be our first night in town, and we have A LOT of eating planned. Thanks for the recent info though, much appreciated.

          1. re: sixteenbiticon

            The fois gras three ways is something I still remember as the best fois gras I've had. I feel like no fois gras I've had since measures up to the flavor and inventiveness of that dish. I had it about a year ago, though. I had the gumbo there at lunch in November and also really enjoyed it.

            1. re: sixteenbiticon

              The website is rarely current. Menu staples (items too popular to remove) are the only things you can count on. This held true Tues. When I went for lunch. Funny how a price fixe special for two can morph into $160.

              1. re: sixteenbiticon

                The Foie Gras 3 Ways will certainly be on the menu and it gets rave reviews. We did the Chef's tasting menu as well and it was all superb. You have to put yourself in the Chef's hands, but personally I like the tasting menus because they allow the Chef to showcase seasonal items and stretch their talent rather than making the same thing day in and day out. It takes a lot of the decision making away too, you just sit back and wait to see what comes out next....

              2. re: calimn

                Nice review. We have done the "chef's tasting menu," and loved every dish. We also had a beet salad, but that was a couple of years ago, so probably much different. Still, that beet dish was right up there with Chef Thomas Keller's, at French Laundry.

                I am not a big tomato fan, and many dishes featured them. I have to say that I believe that I ate every bite, and I've only done that at Blackberry Farm, with their wonderful heirlooms.

                While we saw the bar area, we did not sit there for even a moment. We were immediately seated.


            2. Restaurant August is wonderful. While there have been a couple of negative reviews lately, don't let that deter you from enjoying everything it has to offer.

              They have no problem allowing you to customize your menu. We've taken things off the prix fixe and had them as appetizers, entrees, etc. They are more than willing to accomodate.

              On a recent trip, the speckled trout (a favorite of mine) was not as good as usual, and our waiter and the manager went out of their way to make sure I was happy and that didn't leave with a bad impression. That spoke volumes to me, as so few restaurants today care if their clients are happy. Because of their attentiveness, and quality, I'll go back again and again.

              Restaurant August
              301 Tchoupitoulas Street, New Orleans, LA 70130

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              1. re: FoodChic

                Nice actions on the restaurant's part. There is just too little of that going on nowadays.

                Have to say, though it's about one of the other Besh restaurants, when we booked and dined at Domenecia's, we had some issues with the guest of honor. I called the restaurant, and within 10 mins., the chef called my wife to work out all details. Too bad that the Roosevelt Hotel was not nearly so accommodating!

                Along these lines of restaurant customer service, we dined at Restaurant Daniel, NYC, over the Holidays. We did the 8-course tasting menu, the sommelier's pairing, plus a very nice Montrachet. One course had crab, and there were very tiny crab shells in the prep. I whispered to our captain, pointing out that we were from NOLA originally, and it was not an issue, but wanted to point it out for other diners. Suddenly, we had that dish replaced, then a new dish, plus wine, and the largest white truffle that I have ever seen, shaved on the dish. Again, I pulled the captain aside, and explained that this was never my intention, to which she replied, "we are just so thankful that you pointed out the issue, to save others the problem. This is our way of saying thank you." When we got home from NYC, there was a thank you card from Restaurant Daniel, and signed by most of the staff. Nice touch.


              2. After looking at seafood all afternoon at the aquarium, I went to August for dinner. My original plan was to order the tasting menu so I can try the tripe spaghettini; however, since I could order a la carte from the tasting menu, I did just that.

                First course was the grilled sweetbread. When it arrived, I was thinking this thing could've have been grilled. In fact, it was sous vided for the most part, and grilled only for the last second. As a result, it was an incredibly tender piece of sweetbread, topped with some spicy celery that provided some acidity.

                Second course was the tripe spaghettini. The tripe was shaved thin - to look like spaghettini. The sauce had sufficient harissa to give it spicy flavor, reminding me of sichuan spicy noodles. Unfortunatley, the spagettini itself was slightly overcooked (which may be standard for noodle cooking in NOLA - I dunno). Still, fantastic flavor combination of tripe, smoked tomato and harissa.

                Third course was recommended by my very gracious and loquacious server - breaded "trout Pontchartrain." My first bite of the fish was - perfectly cooked but how much butter is in this dish? The fish was topped with shrimp, blue crab, and wild mushrooms - all of which were also perfectly cooked. There's no rubbery shrimp or fishy crab. In consideration of my waistline, I did not finish the entire fish (it was too rich).

                The service and execution of the dishes were all excellent.

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                1. re: Worldwide Diner

                  Yes, I think that is the way most, if not all, of the restaurants in NOLA serve pasta.