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Apr 20, 2011 06:20 AM

Prepared coleslaw

Can anyone recommend where to buy good prepared coleslaw. I have memberships to both BJs and Costco. Area grocery markets include Whole Foods, Traders, Roche Bros. and Stop & Shop. Thanks!

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  1. Where are you located?

    Cole slaw is one of those items made more or less locally, or at least by local suppliers and not prepared and shipped cross country.

    1. It's also seasonal (depending on where you live). In Chicago, Costco only has it in the summer.

      1. I am in the Boston area. I know that Roche & Stop & Shop carry it year round. I could make it but I am just being lazy.....and it is for a large group (approx. 40 people).

        1. Get 10 bags of the pre-made slaw mix, add 2 - 4 jars of Marzetti's slaw dressing, and you're done.

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            For my Kentucky Derby Party I buy from the catering menu at KFC.

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              easy peasy....thanks! I think I have had the Marzetti's before and it was good.

            2. I buy the stuff at WM and add horseradish to it.