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Apr 20, 2011 05:53 AM

Please help me get out of the Inner Harbor for lunch

I have a meeting in Baltimore tomorrow, right across from the Inner Harbor. I'll have about an hour for lunch, and will not have access to a car. Any suggestions? Open to any type of food, just as long as I can keep it under an hour, including walking time. I have been dragged by friends to every chain restaurant imagineable in that area, so am looking for something different.


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  1. You need to look for divine intervention or a taxicab, whichever comes first.

    1. There's a place a little off the harbor called Alewife, it's just up Eutaw St across from the Hippodrome. I've not grabbed lunch there yet, but they've got a bar area and they cater to the hippodrome crowd, so you should be able to get something quick. If you're really pressed they've got a fantastic Kobe beef hot dog that comes in a pretzel roll that you could probably get and eat on the way.

      1. Try Fresh Farms Cafe on South Street at Redwood (across from the Au Bon Pain). It's maybe 2 blocks from the harbor and is reliably good. I discovered this place just before I stopped working downtown and actually miss it. The soup special changes, but I've had really good and spicy MD crab soup.

        You could try Miss Shirley's but I suspect you'd be cutting it close time-wise.

        Miss Shirley's
        750 E Pratt Street, Baltimore, MD 21202

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          you could try B&O Brasserie or check and see if the Gypsy Queen Food Truck will be near Pratt and Commerce St. (It's one of their stops). Good luck.

        2. Attman's Deli, right across President Street on Lombard. One of Baltimore's real gems.

          Another option is Isabella's, a really excellent sandwich and pizza joint in Little Italy.

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          1. re: JonParker

            These are both excellent choices but bear in mind they are 10 mins. walk. Also within that radius are Mekong Delta (Vietnamese, of course); Milk & Honey (soup and sandwiches); Shapiro's Cafe (falafel, corned beef). Even closer is Rosina Gourmet (soups, sandwiches)

            At the harbor itself is Edo Sushi, which is a local chain of three sushi bars. Excellent sushi and hot food.

            Mekong Delta Cafe
            105 W Saratoga St, Baltimore, MD 21201

            Rosina Gourmet
            300 E Lombard St Lbby 103, Baltimore, MD 21202

            1. re: JonParker

              You really like Attman's? I had decent corned beef and a storebought kosher dog on a storebought roll with a cold slice of bologna slapped on top. I want to like it . . .

              1. re: jvanderh

                I like Attman's too. I would have suggested it earlier, but I didn't think the OP could get there and back by walking. I usually get the corned beef and a potato knish.

                1. re: jvanderh

                  I like their dogs a lot, but it's not what I would consider one of my favorite things ever.

                  The pastrami on rye with mustard is an outstanding sandwich though, and absolutely chowworthy though.

                  1. re: JonParker

                    I am still laughing at the divine intervention comment.

                    Thanks, everyone. I ended up having even less than an hour, so went to Fresh Farms (thanks rondandaim). I liked it. The crab soup was a tad too salty for me, but it was worth it for the spice level. Good sandwich on good bread, and fast.

                    I am hanging onto the other recommendations for future reference, especially when we come back for our Annual Pilgrimage when the Yankees are in town.

                    1. re: VaPaula

                      Thanks for the feedback. I also agree with the poster who recommended Rosina Gourmet. Be sure to keep that on the list for future visits.

                      Rosina Gourmet
                      2819 Odonnell St, Baltimore, MD