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Like the lady who used her slow-cooker every day for 365 days;


What would it be for you? What cooking vessel or food type could you do for an entire year?
For me, it would probably be soup. All kinds of soups with different breads every night. Yes, I could do that.

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  1. Potatoes. I could easily eat (and enjoy) potatoes every day. It would be a disaster, healthwise, but I'd love every minute of it.

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      wouldn't have to be -- potatoes are actually quite healthy -- that's why the Irish (and sailors) have been able to survive on them exclusively for such long periods of time.

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        Yup, potatoes are one of the most nutritious and healthiest things you can eat... too bad we slather in so much sour cream, cheese or we always end up deep frying them. but just some simple roasted potatoes with some olive oil and herbs is not bad at all. Or mashed potatoes if you skip the cream and butter and opt for skim milk.

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          You're right, they are nutritious but I'm an insulin dependent diabetic so they're just too carb-full for daily consumption. I steamed some cut up yellow potatoes the other day, then grilled with mushrooms and cauliflower and olive oil. That was quite yummy.

      2. A different fritter (oh I'm bad) every day, some sweet, some savory!

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            I'm movin' to blue room's house....

        1. chicken....
          sometimes i have chicken twice a day...

          like the bubba of chicken...

          fried chicken..
          chicken salad..
          roasted chicken..
          chicken marsala..
          chicken with mushrooms...
          moo goo gai pan (chicken)
          chicken kiev..
          lemon chicken...
          etc etc....

          1. Vitamix

            I use it almost every day as it is.

            1. Maybe a bit of a cop-out as it's not usually the main event, but I could eat rice every day. I spent 2 months in SE Asia and managed to avoid pho, pad thai, loads of good stuff, because I can't say no to rice.

              Risotto, paella, sushi, fried rice, pilau, sticky rice, brown rice, wild rice mmm...

              1. eggs! cheap, fast, versatile and always a crowd pleaser no matter what I do to them!

                1. I could eat pasta every single day--noodles, spaghetti whatever, with some nice healthful sauces or just plain with butter.

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                    Another vote for pasta. So many possibilities!

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                      Add me to this. As it is I usually have to stop myself from eating pasta every day.

                    2. The grill. I love it when I get ready to clean up the kitchen and realize it's only the plates I ate off of and the prep sink that needs to be cleaned. No pots and pans, no cleaning the stove. And it's usually low fat. And I have a beautiful view of the mountains from the terrace. And my dog can stand there and hope for dropped meat ;-) Most importantly, in SC, you might have to chip ice of the grill once or twice a year, but in general you could cook out every day...and my new grill has a light on the handle!

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                        *does cartwheels*

                        We got to fire up the grill tonight for the first time this season....yippee!

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                          no ice here...
                          and in the summer it would get to hot and humid to fire up the grill everyday...
                          usually in the summer i go for light and colder dishes...like salads and such...stuff that doesnt need a lot of prep time either...
                          see my post above...

                        2. I have a banana with breakfast nearly every day of the year. Other than that I can't think of anything I'd want to have every single day. Not counting things like condiments, butter, etc.

                          1. I could eat Sushi every day of the year. If I have to narrow down the sushi, I guess I'd go for rolls as you can get more variety with rolls so I would not get sick of the same kind. mmmmmm.....sushi.

                            1. Having done this for almost every day of the past year ... except when I ate at restaurants ... plain yogurt and fruit. I decided the egg-tortilla-bean heavy Guatemalan diet was going to kill me and just decided to go with plain yogurt nightly and whatever fruit is in season. Breakfast except for Sundays (and days away from home) was always oatmeal and a banana or raisins.

                              I miss salad greens though ... maybe a salad every night for a year when I get back ... but actually for lunch . hate that dinner for lunch thing and want to return to a US eating schedule and times.

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                                rworange, I know you're in the tropics, but is there no shady corner you might be able to grow some sort of leafy thing or another? Even a couple of window boxes would keep you in salads...

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                                  Then I would have to wash them in the local water which skeeves me out.First I'd have to find seeds ... make that I'd have to first find a store that sells seeds That being said, every single plant my stepdaughter bought in Antigua has since died from the extreme heat .... and she loves gardening and has a green thumb.

                                  Enjoy where you are. This is mango season and I'll feast on the bounty of endless varietis of mangoes that are currently available. I bought some small round ones that were the size of a small peach, sugar-sweet with that pine note some mangoes have. I won't get that back home. I had an exquisite pineapple yesterday, that the pineapple vendor hacked up for us on the spot. I can wait aa few weeks when I get home for the salad greens.

                              2. Salad. As a first course, the main course, or the "digestivo" after the main course. I think a different salad would make me more conversant with different types of foods and cuisines. And dressings, of which I got a bunch in my repertoire, but you can always use more.

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                                  I have a salad every day for lunch--it's the one unchanging element of my diet. And I agree about the different types of food--the one I just ate had romaine, avocado, potato, olives, dill, parsley, green onions, broccoli, soy mayonnaise with tarragon, vinaigrette, feta cheese, pickled cucumbers and celery. It did take a while to make, but what can you do when you have a habit?

                                2. Interesting question. Lots of options here...

                                  For cooking vessel, I'd go with skillet, dutch oven or the grill. Where I live it's probably too cold for too much of the year, with too high a chance of my grill being covered in snow, for me to choose the grill. So I'd probably choose the skillet or the dutch oven. I think the skillet is pretty versatile, but the dutch oven is even more so. If I had to I could use it to saute or fry but could also use it for soups, stews, as a slow cooker or even to bake, broil or steam things in.

                                  For a type of food, I guess I could go a number of different directions. Bread would be a simple choice. I probably have bread almost every day as it is. Similarly, pasta or rice would be good choices, but I feel they'd become monotonous, like bread. Same with another two that came to my mind -- eggs and beef. Soup, as suggested by the OP, would be a solid option for me. In a pinch I'd probably choose beef and call it Year of the Steak.

                                  Scotch or beer are also wonderful choices. Can alcohol be a food type?

                                  1. I'd like to try a different cocktail every night of the year.

                                    1. Not necessarily just at night, but right now, I'd have to say sweet potato. I either dice and roast with herbs and oil. Mostly, my SO bakes them in the oven with his regular potatoes (still working on him getting them over a baking sheet so they don't drip and burn on the floor of the oven). They're then fork mashable to put in breakfast burritos, or eat for dinner with a little salt and pepper.

                                      1. my only 365 commitment is blood pressure medicine. i'm fair game for anything at any time. i am liking my slow cooker a lot, too.