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Apr 20, 2011 05:32 AM

Where can I get some good scones and crumpets (for Royal Wedding party)?

I will be hosting an evening Royal Wedding viewing party and would like to find a good place to get scones, crumpets, or any other Bri'ish foods. I live in Silver Spring. Thanks.


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  1. Trader Joe's has some good crumpets at a resonable price. I know they have plain and ones with cinnamon.

    1. I'd recommend Rodman's for crumpets. That being said, I'd call around to bakeries. I wouldn't be surprised if they all added to their offerings for the wedding.

      1. I'm not one for either, but a friend I know LOVES Wegman's scones.

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          I had a fantastic scone from Firehook bakery in Cleveland Park a few weeks ago.