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Apr 20, 2011 03:46 AM

Cuteness in the kitchen!

I came across these babushka doll measuring cups the other day
I think they're very cute!

I don't make a habit of buying every cute thing I see, but it's nice to have a few little whimsical pieces around, just for the fun factor - in addition to being useful (they still have to have a purpose - but that's just me).

Have you seen any cuteness for the kitchen lately?

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  1. Those sure are adorable! I bought this pink mouse pot holder last year:

    I have a very cute polar bear timer, too!

    My moose oven mitt is a bit worn, but still gets the job done. Used to have an alligator mitt that was quite cool. I wish I could find one again. I appreciate having a little whimsy around as well, as you can see!

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    1. re: kattyeyes

      That is the cutest polar bear timer I've ever seen! Love the pot holder too. Thanks for sharing, kattyeyes :)

    2. This kitty keeps my Brown Betty cozy.

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        1. re: KansasKate

          I love it! That print is so pretty...

        2. I love this website, I've gotten some cute things in here:

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          1. somebody a while back linked to a hilariously tacky(but so fun!) ruffled flamenco apron -- they a ruffled cover for your dishsoap bottle, too.

            can't find the thread to save my life.

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              1. re: MandalayVA

                Ha - I could see my mother in law in that! Cooking and dancing are two of her passions.

              2. re: sunshine842

                Lol - maybe someone else will be able to find it!

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                  I couldn't find the thread either, but I found the website that sells the aprons. I had almost forgotten about these! I don't wear an apron, but I kind of wanted one of these things. :)


                  ETA: Mandalay beat me to it!

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                        thanks, kattyeyes -- I searched my own posts, and ran a search, but it didn't show up!

                  1. The original comment has been removed