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Shad and Shad Roe?

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So I've missed this year's Shad Festival in Grifton. (Here's the fish stew recipe: http://www.carolinacountry.com/Cookin...


I'd make a detour for shad and/or shad roe on the menu. My trip itinerary is Winston-Salem, Lexington, Charlotte, Beaufort, Ocracoke, Nags Head, Edenton, and flying out of RDU. I saw one article that mentioned Cypress Grill in Jamesville, has anybody tried shad there? Where else along my route?


Cypress Grill
1520 Stewart St, Jamesville, NC 27846

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  1. I don't believe that the Cypress Grill or the River's Edge(the other herring place in Jamesville) have shad. They're herring restaurants. They should have herring roe*, although don't go in expecting fancy preparations like in that WSJ article.

    *It's on the menu, but they were out the last time I went. IIRC this was at the River's Edge, around this time of year in 2008.

    Honestly, and speaking as a native of Martin County, I can't really recommend either the Cypress Grill or River's Edge. Being from out of the area, you may enjoy it on the strength of the setting, but the food is nothing special. But I'm in the minority on this- they have fans online and are plenty popular with locals.

    Meatn3(who shares my opinion of the Jamesville places) did give high marks to the herring at Blackbeard's in Conetoe, which you will be passing on your final leg back to Raleigh, so that's worth considering if it's on a day when they're open(Thu-Sat, plus Sunday lunch). Not sure if they have roe, though.

    Cypress Grill
    1520 Stewart St, Jamesville, NC 27846

    River's Edge Restaurant
    Water St, Jamesville, NC 27846

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      Cypress Grill is interesting from a traditional standpoint, but not enough to balance out the lack luster food. Their roe was cooked to the point of tasting like kittie kibbles IMO. I've had herring at several locations and Blackbeard's was the best by a country mile.

      Perhaps you could call them and inquire, they might be accommodating.

      Naco, was there tornado damage in this area? I've been too involved in my cleanup to check...

      Cypress Grill
      1520 Stewart St, Jamesville, NC 27846

      1. re: meatn3

        I don't think Conetoe was hit. Greenville is fine, but Farmville was hit badly, as was Bertie County. Jamesville and further east weren't affected at all, AFAIK.

        1. re: meatn3

          Thanks for the word on Cypress Grill. I can get kitty kibble at home. :-J Here's the blog post about it I'd read.

          I really appreciate your taking the time to help me in the midst of your tornado damage. Glad you started the other thread and checked in with us.

          Cypress Grill
          1520 Stewart St, Jamesville, NC 27846

        2. re: Naco


          Good idea, I'll call Blackbeard's when I get closer. I've become a scholar of that thread. Should the town be Conetoe rather than Tarboro? I can change it in the linked Place record.

          Blackbeard's BBQ and C-Food
          5232 US 64 Alt East, Tarboro, NC

          1. re: Melanie Wong

            I would just leave it as is. Tarboro is probably correct; a lot of smaller towns and unincorporated areas have addresses that correspond to a nearby larger town.