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Apr 19, 2011 09:19 PM

Sugar free options

Are there any other people out there that wish places such as theaters, restaurants etc would offer more selections for people with sugar restrictions in their diets? I do not care especially for diet coke or diet pepsi and sometimes need to avoid the caffeine altogerther but don't have that option. I sent an e-mail to one of our local movie theaters and suggested that they might want to offer a little more sugar free options then I wouldn't have to "sneak" in my own drink. The next time we went to see a movie they had added diet Dr. Pepper. It was a start but in this day of so many people being unfortunate enough to have diabetes, you would think that people that offer food and drink selections would be a little more up on these needs. I am not necessarily a soft drink or a candy addict but do like this little indulgence now and then when we do go out.

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  1. Personally, I'd love better non sugary/non diet drink options at restaurants in general, and I don't have any particular restrictions. I try to avoid too much unnecessary sugar in beverages, particularly as I live in a hot climate, but I think diet pop tastes gross.

    Flavoured soda waters, the kind that aren't sweetened or artifically sweetened, are really good, but hard to find. I was once able to get a grocery store brand black cherry flavour that was practically like desert. Unsweetend iced tea is also good, particularly jasmine. Barley tea is a great low cal option, but I haven't seen that outside of Asia.

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      Sam' Club (also Wal Mart) have a delicious selection of flavored waters. The golden peach taste as if you're biting into a fresh peach. The best part is they are very reasonably priced.

    2. While not diabetic, I avoid sugar as well and recently emailed Macaroni Grill (I know, I know) about possibly making their panna cotta a sugar free dessert. I love that the sno-cone stand near my house has at least 10 sugar-free flavors so I'm not limited to one or two flavors.

      I'd love a sugar free chai latte!

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        I am completely in agreement on the sugar free chai latte!!! I can't have sugar and I used to LOVE getting a chai latte (or in the summer, an iced chai latte.) Coffee isn't a huge problem as most coffee places have sf options even for fancier drinks but I miss my chai! Sometimes, I'd love to be able to get something at a public place that isn't carbonated and isn't coffee. I drink plenty of water but sometimes, I want something flavored and delicious but not full of sugar. It seems like more and more you can't even get tea that isn't sweetened.

        Ah well, I just keep telling myself it forces me to save my money instead of spending it on fancy drinks.

      2. Water? I think it's impossible for movie theaters to stock every type of drink to please everyone. What about someone who wants all natural soda? All natural diet soda? All natural orange soda? Green tea? Jasmine? Etc.