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Apr 19, 2011 09:16 PM

Most delicious gelato--Grom Malibu -- gelato made the old fashioned way

Gelato fans: If you ever get a chance to drive up the coast, be sure to stop by this amazing place in the Malibu Country Mart for the most delicious gelato and sorbet (I've ever tasted) outside of Italy.

The quality of the ingredients, mostly grown in their own farm in Italy, are top notch. They even have their own bee hives!

Price is a little high, $5.25 for a small cup, but totally worth it in my opinion.

I have been dreaming of their Pistacchio (made with Syrian pistachios) and the April Flavor of the month Crema pasticerra al torrone di nocciole ( custard with organic egg cream and nougat chips from Piedmont) since I tasted it last week. I am seriously thinking of making a special trip out there this weekend with a cooler to bring some back!

I don't understand why they open such a nice place in such a remote location. It would have knocked Angelato out of the water if it was opened in Santa Monica.

Check out their website:
And their farm:

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  1. I've been meaning to try Grom for a while now as there have been much plaudits from 'Hounds about the place, esp. their dark chocolate.

    But, like you mentioned, it's so darn far away.

    Have you tried Bulgarini to compare?

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      Haven't tried Bulgarini yet. It's also a bit of a distance from the westside but I have its address in my Blackberry for when I go to that part of the city next time.

      1. re: ipsedixit

        Speaking for my fellow Topanga Canyonoids, I must ask: darn far away? Darn far away from what?

        1. re: ipsedixit

          Made it to Bulgarini last week. Boy, what a drive! I had a few samples including yogurt with sea salt and olive oil which I didn't care for very much. My three scoops consisted of almond, pistachio and pear sorbet. Only one I really liked was almond. The texture of pear was too coarse for me. As for pistachio, I have to say I much prefer Grom's. I like my gelato (or ice cream) very cold. Somehow Bulgarini's didn't feel quite as cold as I like it, and I personally think the quality and aroma of Grom's pistachio can't be beat. All you Bulgarini lovers, I would love to hear your verdict if you would trek down to Malibu and give Grom a try.

          1. re: fdb

            Grom is very good. I came upon it by chance a few months ago. I tried Bulgarini several times previously and particularly my first time, thought it was outstanding. I would have to have a side by side comparison of the 2 or go to each on consecutive days to decide and hope that they both sell the same product to really decide. As I recall, Bulgarini is more creative, unconventional and experimental. Personally, I love their yogurt with olive oil, which you do not. Grom is more "polished". They both are very good and definitely the best 2 places in LA for serious gelato. A fun throwdown. But as Bulgarini is all made here (with some imported Italian ingredients- the almonds for example come from Italy) while Grom is all imported, if it was a tie in flavor the nod would go to Bulgarini. I also love his passion and dedication to his art.

        2. I am a big fan. Really enjoyed Grom all across Italy and France last summer. Great fresh and natural flavors. Melon, which is a summer flavor is my favorite. Really good stuff. They already have 3 stores in NYC and I believe their plan is to slowly grow here in the Los Angeles area. They also have a great salted carmel flavor.

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          1. re: wienermobile

            I'm so looking forward to trying the melon flavor when summer comes. I haven't been to Grom when I was in Italy or France but my favorite gelato is the honey flavor at San Crispino in Rome. I haven't been able to find anything close to it in LA. When I actually tasted honey in the Crema pasticerra al torrone di nocciole flavor at Grom, I was in heaven. :)

          2. i LOVE that they use straight-up cane sugar, and that they have such a solid Allergy Awareness policy in place *and* offer certified GF flavors. gotta get up to Malibu soon to check it out...

            1. I love Grom! They have hot chocolate too!

              1. I've been to Grom in Bologna, and it's very good. Not excellent, but very good for Italy.

                Of course, in L.A. that means they probably blow the doors off the competition!

                I've been to Bulgarini, and I thought it was probably the best gelato in California. Eatalian in Gardena is much closer to me, so that's where I usually end up when I need a fix.

                Will have to hit Grom on my next trip up PCH...