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Apr 19, 2011 08:30 PM

Online instructional cooking videos?

What are the best sites for instructional cooking videos/classes. Or podcasts

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  1. Are you looking for a whole series, almost like an online course, or just single dish instructional videos?

    YouTube has tons of instructional cooking videos from around the world of varying quality, some really terrific.

    <> also has tons of recipe videos.

    Eric Ripert has a podcast that's shown on Hulu called 'Avec Eric'. He does a very simple but elegant recipe at the end of each one that sort of sums up the theme of the show.

    Maangchi is a Korean food blogger who has very good instructional videos on her site.

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      A whole series, or specifically a series focused on dessert/pastries/baking

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        And for Japanese 'CookingWithDog' on Youtube

      2. You might be looking for something a little more sophisticated than this, but King Arthur's Flour has a range of basic baking technique video classes. <>. And so does Keiko's Cakes: <>, although I think Keiko's requires some payment for video downloads. Best of luck, Ninrn

        1. If you are looking for a pay site Rouxbe seems like it might be worth paying for, but I don't know how much they charge. Someone posted this sample lesson from their site, and I thought it was very informative. I don't know how much there is about pastry though.