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Apr 19, 2011 08:22 PM

Favorite cooking show/program that's NOT reality TV

As in shows that actually teach you how to cook/cooking techniques/etc.

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  1. America's Test Kitchen, Cook's Country, Good Eats. They tend to tell me why something works or doesn't work, instead of just giving me a video recipe.

    1. My favorite cooking shows have starred Chef Jacques Pepin and Chef Nathalie Dupree. I haven't been able to watch their shows in years but they came to mind right away in reading your question. The very first chef I remember seeing as a child was Julia Childs, my kind of person and she cooked what my mom cooks, my mother being of French origin.

      1. RIght now I'm really enjoying French Food at Home but I love all the usual suspects.

        1. Good eats, Lidia Bastianich or ATK.

          East meets West w/ Ming Tsai gets honerable mention.