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Apr 19, 2011 06:48 PM

Greek Recipes - what goes with dolmades?

I'd like to make some vegetarian dolmades this week... what are some good Greek or Greek-inspired recipes, both main and side dishes, that I could serve with them? (They don't necessarily have to be vegetarian.)

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  1. I think of dolmades as part of the meze plate. I would do a platter with the dolmades, tzanikis, taramasalata, olives, feta cheese, fresh tomatoes [if they are good], hummus and an roasted eggplant spread along with some romaine lettuce and pita bread for dipping.

    Complete the meal with some kabobs, either fish or lamb, rice and perhaps a Greek salad made of cucumbers, tomatoes, red onion, feta and some lemon dressing.

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      I love a big Greek salad with dolmades. A side of skordalia is perfect along with it. I make my dolmades with ground lamb, etc. so they are a filling meal to begin with. Now I'm gonna think of them all night.

    2. Spanakopita, lemon roasted potatoes, gigantes, maroulosalata, imam bayaldi(originally Turkish, but found in Greek homes and on Greek menus), pastitso, moussaka or shrimp saganaki. Or serve them with grilled fish/octopus/shellfish or fried calamari. Or serve a variety of dips, such as tyrokefteri and melitzanasalata. Vegetarian dolmades also make a great side to roast leg of lamb. The only Greek foods I can think of, that I wouldn't serve with dolmades would be gemista (stuffed vegetables) or lahanodolmades (cabbage rolls), since their fillings tend to be quite similar to the fillings in dolmades.

      I like my dolmades served with avgolemono sauce, unless they're an Eastern Aegean version containing cinnamon, cumin, pine nuts and raisins, in which case I skip the avgolemono.

      1. As many others have noted, your dolmades will be your appetizers. Serve those with Greek olives, kefalograviera, melitzanosalata, kalamarakia tiganita, ... etc.

        For your main, a lamb preparation maybe? There's also moussaka, spanakopita, kabobs, grilled fish, sweetbreads, ... etc.

        1. When I make dolmades at home I serve them as a main dish.....On the table there is always a plate with Feta cheese and olives. We have a serving of protein and it can be, pork chops, lemon chicken, kalamarakia and a salad...