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Apr 19, 2011 06:41 PM

can I make a white sauce with soy milk

2 daughters have gone vegan (groan). They sometimes come for dinner, I was thinking of making a vegan lasagne but can I make a bechemal or white sauce with soy milk? Will it thicken the same way as using milk?

I am quite adept at non meat dishes but veganism is throwing me a curved ball. Any suggestions other than pasta and tomato sauce or salads and beans for other meals? I work long hours so don't want labor intensive recipes but if anyone can think of quickish meals I would be grateful.

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  1. I've had great success with nut-based cream as a dairy cream substitute (better flavor):

    The "Community" tab lists recipes and has several sauces listed.

    1. Of course, just make sure to use unflavored unsweetened!

      1. You can totally make a white sauce with unsweetened soy milk. You can also try puréeing silken tofu and seasoning it to taste. In a dish like lasagna, tofu completely blends in.