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Apr 19, 2011 06:18 PM

Java Indonesian Rijsttafel - Brooklyn - anyone been?

Has anyone been to this restaurant in Brooklyn? If so, is it good and do they serve a rijsttafel? From what I saw online, it gets mixed reviews. I only knew of two really good Indonesian restaurants in the U.S. (one in Baltimore and the other in San Rafael, CA) and the owner retired in one of them and the other sold to someone and the food is no longer as good. Would love to find some really good Indonesian food. Hard to come by in the U.S.

455 7th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215

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  1. They have been around forever. In fact, the last time we ate there was over 20 years ago. And yes they have rijstaffel. Somehow they have managed to survive without being better than mediocre. Still, if you're craving rijstaffel there aren't too many places on this side of the Atlantic that you can get it.

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      Thanks. So much for that place. I just found another one in Manhattan that opened in 2010 - Satay Junction in the west village. Any news on that one?? The pictures of the food at least "look" good!
      On it says they serve a rijsttafel but I don't see it on the menu. Nice website.

      1. re: JunieB

        I can't speak about the authenticity of Java, but I enjoyed my experience there a few months back, my first with Rijsttafel. Our mixed group was about 50% seafood/veg only, so we didn't have any meat dishes, but what we did have was well spiced and well prepared.

        A friend talked to the owner while we were there and she said they had shifted away early on from some traditional ingredients to the stuff that mass-market diners are alleged to prefer, specifically mentioning dark meat/meat on the bone as the first to go. A sad tale, heard all too often.

        That said, they were very accommodating in customizing for our groups wants and I'm willing to wager that a phone call in advance would get you answers to whether they would make you a more tailored traditional version.

        1. re: blibscott

          Well, that's a little more comforting but I'm not sure I want to have to call ahead and do any work to make it happen. I'm pretty lazy. The rijsttafels that I like are the ones where you just order by the number of items you want, a 10-item, 12-item, 15-item, etc. Next time I am in the city I will check it out. I was just hoping to hear some rave reviews, and it sounds like that's not the case.