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Apr 19, 2011 06:17 PM

Abaco sea urchin

Has anybody eaten any sea urchin roe in the Abaco's or Bahamas ? Cooks don't seem to deal with it, are there any toxin issues ?

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  1. Haven't even heard of us having sea urchins in the restaurants here, so I would not imagine that we would get fresh sea urchin roe! Have you actually found sea urchins on the menus?

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      While snorkeling at Green Turtle '04 there were hundreds/more of them, narrowly avoiding a VERY bad day. Got some great pictures tho ! Anyway, have done more research and have not found any medical issues (with the Green Sea Urchin on the Atlantic coast). Will be back this summer and plan on cracking open some and finding out what that roe is all about.
      May of 2010 talked to a chef in Marsh Harbor and at Treasure Cay, and was seemingly treated with amused curiosity....

      1. re: 3MTA3

        heh -- the one and only time I ever stepped on an urchin was at Green Turtle. Hurt like a mother, and one of the locals told me to boil lime juice and soak my foot in lime juice as hot as I could stand -- seems that the combination of heat and acid neutralizes the poison AND dissolves the barb.

        The Bahamians just don't eat them, in my experience, although I'm not certain why.

        If there were a lot of them, I mostly used them to amuse myself while snorkling -- pop one open with my knife and feed the wrasses.