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Apr 19, 2011 05:47 PM

Ramps at markets or in the wild?

Where can I find Ramps? I'm willing to travel to markets or forage. Any thoughts?

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  1. Anybody know what's going on in 2012? All these damn recipes and no ramps. Perhaps next year I'll plunk down the 500$ for a CSA. :(

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    1. re: AnyaTika

      Have you tried Your Dekalb Farmers Market or Harry's in Marietta?

      1. re: AnyaTika

        are ramps now the new fad ingredient?

        1. re: redbeanbun

          If so, that's one fad I won't be participating in. ;-)

        2. re: AnyaTika

          For new fad food items in short supply, it will take a few growing seasons for farmers to catch up. I would try the high-end markets like Whole Foods, Harry's (owned by Whole Foods), Fresh Market where they fetch a higher price for all those looking to max profits on rate items. I would just substitute...they're just ramps after all.

        3. I got some at Whole Foods on Sunday. I think they were $15.99/lb (maybe 16.99). Which was cheaper than last year when they were $20/lb. And a half pound was plenty to make a killer Ramp Pesto.

          1. I see them at Buford Hwy farmers mkt. $19.99/lb by leeks and gold beets