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Apr 19, 2011 05:33 PM

Horizons Meats

Does anyone have any experience with this particular butcher? They are featured today as dealfinds deal thing and they are selling $60 coupons for $30. Its a big saving and you can buy unlimited but I wouldn't buy it from them if it they didn't have any credibility. So, anyone? They've apparently been around a while now...

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  1. Odd location, great products. Knowledgable owner. The quality of the meat looked very good. Unfortunately the sausages were not gluten free. I bought some nice Nitrate free ham instead.

    1. I have friends that swear by Horizon... they rely on the owner to order in certain cuts and get whatever they are looking for.

      In fact they would rather buy our meat for us than give the name of this place... went on for years until they finally gave in. When I saw the dealfind this morning my first thought was, "Secret's out".

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      1. re: foodkarma

        3500 deals bought with 6 hours to go. Secret's out indeed!

        Not so sure it's good for Horizon Meats though.

        But Dealfind is laughing all the way to the bank.

        Horizon Meats
        Calgary, Calgary, AB T1Y 5Z7, CA

      2. I got one Dealfinder, and I ordered a bunch of stuff for delivery. I thought about going down in person, but as Satiated said, almost 4000 sold... *shudders* If even a fraction of those people decide to go down this weekend, which they likely will since it's a long weekend, it's going to be a gong show. I'll tell you how the stuff is when I get it! The yak sounded interesting so I got a roast of that. :)

        1. I got all my stuff yesterday! VERY prompt delivery, I'm impressed. I've ordered a LOT of things so all I've tried so far is the chorizo sausage... that was great, and the rest looks good too.