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Apr 19, 2011 03:43 PM

Lunch in Montalcino...thoughts?

I was at Grappolo Blu a few years ago and enjoyed but looking for a new place to try. Does not necessarily have to be in town. We have a wine tasting at Mate scheduled for after lunch. Any thoughts?

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  1. Have you looked through these from the Restaurant page? Click on each and some info is provided, sometimes with links.

    there have also been a couple of threads recently I think.Look down at the Italy Board discussions at below this and you will see some relevant threads, but hopefully you will spur some new discussion

    Finally, after you pare you list down, you might want to look at the reviews on this Italian site. Google translate works well on this page.

    1. I highly recommend Il Leccio which is a little bit south of the Montalcino city center. We had lunch there last summer and we enjoyed our favorite pasta during our 11 day trip in Italy. The pinci pasta was incredible. We went here after a fantastic tour and tasting at Ciacci Piccolomini. We also ate at Grappalo Blu and Il Giglio in Montalcino but Il Leccio was by far the standout.

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        I second the Il Lecchio recommendation!

      2. Il Giardino at the end of the main centro storico, near the city hall, is very good.

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          adding link

          Al Giardino
          Piazza Cavour, 1, Montalcino, Tuscany , IT