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Apr 19, 2011 03:02 PM


It was close, folks! PLENTY and revisit OTTOLENGHI for the month of May. We already have a volunteer who has the books to set up chapters and threads, and threads from the past. Happy cooking!

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    1. re: smtucker

      Thanks smtucker and hats off to Caitlin for such a thorough and incredibly helpful Ottolenghi COTM post at the link above.

      1. re: smtucker

        ...and there are 274 Ottolenghi recipes, many of which are vegetarian or from Plenty, here:

        Thanks Bayoucook, SMT and Caitlin...!

        1. re: Gio

          This is great! Thanks to all of you.

      2. Thanks bayoucook . . . this sure was a nail-biter!!

        For folks that are new to the COTM and interested in "How it Works" here's a link to the Historical COTM Archive which also lists all the COTM selections of the past:

        Happy Cooking!!

        1. I found the process from the start of nominations to the final announcement trully fascinating:) I am intrigued by Ottolenghi but will sit this month out unless I decide to cook from on-line recipes. Will be reading your reviews with great interest - happy cooking, everyone!

          1. For those without the books who are curious/interested in seeing recipes online, this thread from previous Ottolenghi COTM has links to a bunch of recipes from Ottolenghi: The Cookbook, plus some paraphrased recipes:

            I am willing to bet that in the almost two years since Ottolenghi was COTM, more recipes from that book have found their way online. Note that the thread I linked in the previous paragraph lists the name of every recipe in the book. If you're curious about a recipe, you could always try googling it.

            ETA: I am taking my advice here and looking up more links to Ottolenghi: The Cookbook recipes online, which I will keep adding to the above thread. I think it makes sense to keep the links in that thread so they're easy for all to find.

            The original Ottolenghi COTM included that book plus any/all online recipes, so if bayoucook is down with that, May could be the same (in the original go-round, we just reported on those recipes in the most appropriate COTM thread rather than having a separate thread, so easy-peasy).

            1. First, thank you bayoucook, and also smtucker for making all this excitement possible!

              Second, I can't wait to see who first does this one:

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              1. re: blue room

                That recipe is legend in the UK and loads of my friends have made it! One of them brought it to my birthday party last year as the vegetarian alternative to pulled pork - it was really, really good.

                1. re: greedygirl

                  Must be a sign that it's probably time for me to break down and make the Very Full Tart, I love the name of it.

                  1. re: buttertart

                    Well, including you, that's 3 amazing tarts already!

                  2. re: greedygirl

                    Legend? Oh my! Now I really have to try it. It was on my list anyway!