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Apr 19, 2011 02:29 PM

Seder Potluck help!

I'm going to a seder dinner and bringing a veggie side dish. I was thinking of roasted asparagus? Something easy? But what would travel well and be appropriate?

Any suggestions much appreciated!

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  1. Roasted asparagus would be great. It can also be enjoyed room temp. I'd make a nice vinaigrette to dress it once you've arrived. And orange vinaigrette works nicely.

    1. Agreed -- roasted asparagus is great hot or at room temp. I love a lemony caper dressing with asparagus, or just garlic/oil/lemon, or you could do a beurre blanc if dairy/meat isn't an issue for your hosts or the other guests or if you're serving in courses.

      1. On the same vein, you could do blanched sugar snap peas with similar dressings.

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          Not everybody eats peas of any sort on Passover; traditionally, Ashkenazim do not eat legumes, among other things. In general, for a Passover meal, make sure that everybody knows everyone else's food standards before you bring anything.