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Butter Burger @ Maverick - has anyone tried? [San Francisco]

My coworkers and I just gathered around and watched the following video 5 times in a row, which shows how Maverick's chef Matt Brimer prepares his appropriately named "butter burgers": http://sanfrancisco.grubstreet.com/20...

It's mesmerizing to watch the butter get ground up together with the beef. I would love to try one.

Has anyone had the pleasure of eating one of these beauties yet?

Maverick Restaurant
3316 17th Street, San Francisco, CA 94110

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  1. oh my god, no! but i did just read a Cooks Illustrated article in which they cut in butter with the ground beef. Sounds/looks amazing...

    1. Watching that video, all I could think of was a TV commercial on an old Simpsons episode that set Homer a-drooling: “We take eighteen ounces of sizzling ground beef, and soak it in rich, creamery butter, then we top it off with bacon, ham, and a fried egg. We call it the Good Morning Burger.”

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        Call it a heart attack on a plate. Ordinarily e coli would be your main concern with ground beef, but not here.

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          Hmmm ... I just took my meat grinder out for a spin this weekend. Perhaps I should just leave it out.

        2. Dear god, that is absolutely *disgusting*.

          I want one so badly.


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            Umm.... "$17.00 (for a HAMBURGER ??????) starting on March 16th".

            I sure hope the price includes a couple of bottles of wine that he mentioned in the video!!!


          2. If Maverick were any larger, it would be a good venue for a cardiologist convention. When I see the meat being ground up with the butter in the video, I can't help but think of Marlon Brando's famous line in that movie.

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              2. Remember they make a limited number (only 17 wine-paired burgers available, first come, first served on Tuesdays.)

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                  Sounds like a made-for-chowdown event....

                2. So 12 replies, only one of which answered the question.

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                    which probably means no one's tried it who has read this.

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                      Video posted 3/11, states "next Tues." for go-live. So including today, 6 Tuesdays, 17 burgers per day, 102 opportunities to try burger. More than 800,000 people living in SF proper. Multiple non-resident visitors per day. Now, statistically, Chowhounds are probably more likely to evidence interest in this new food (except the vegans, vegetarians, pescetarians, non-beef-eaters, dairy-allergic, and low-fat adherents). But also, many CHers don't live in the SF area. A train leaves Chicago at 8:46 going 80 km/hr, carrying 25 sacks of mail... wait, sorry, not sure where I was going with the numbers. ;^)

                      I'm betting JuliaG doesn't mind getting a bit of interest and discussion with her thread. Probably won't get to SF this year (maybe for Outside Lands) but I'm intrigued enough to go root through my freezer this afternoon and see what the beef sitch is.

                    2. Well I'm glad everyone enjoyed the video :)

                      Just an update on situation butter burger - we called Maverick to check whether they are still serving these puppies. Unfortunately, it appears that they have run out of the first generation of butter burgers. However, starting next Tuesday, they are serving a NEW burger called the "Juicy Lucy", which consists of a butter burger patty, topped with gouda like its predecessor, but featuring a new addition of watercress. And there will be a price increase to $21.

                      She recommended making a reservation ASAP.

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                        Run out? I thought they'd grind up fresh each week. Then how do they have patties for this next iteration?

                        I thought a "juicy lucy" was two patties sealed with a cheesy stuffing? Is the watercress inside?

                        So many questions! Sorry. :)

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                          I've got reservations tonight @ 5:30 (mentioned we wanted the burgers when we made it). I think the $17 (or $21 now) comes with a wine pairing and fries. I'll report back...

                        2. The newly opened Bartlett Hall in Union Square has a Maverick Butter Burger on the menu. Executive Emmanuel Eng worked most recently at Maverick.


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                            Tried the Bartlett hall butter burger. I thought the cheese sauce was well integrated with the patty but there was just too much sauce and not enough patty for my tastes.