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Apr 19, 2011 02:01 PM

Winkler Bakery in Old Salem?

I'll be making my first visit to North Carolina this week. Friday I'll be staying with friends who live just outside Old Salem. I'm wondering what 'hounds favorites are at Winkler Bakery, both to enjoy for breakfast and to take home with me. I'm also wondering how Winkler compares with Dewey's Bakery.

Edited to add: If there are old threads that discuss the bakery, please feel free to just point me to a link. Thanks in advance.

Winkler Bakery
527 S Main St, Winston-Salem, NC 27101

Dewey's Bakery
262 South Stratford Rd, Winston-Salem, NC

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  1. I love their sugar cake and I could eat a whole one by myself, but dont!
    I have tried all their cookies but the sugar cake in the wax paper is my downfall.

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    1. re: Tee

      Thanks, I'll try not to! On Saturday after a stop in Lexington, I'll be headed to Charlotte to stay with friends there. Is the sugar cake something that will keep well if I purchase it on Friday and give to my hosts the next day?

      1. re: Melanie Wong

        I have never had one (or two) last that long!
        Seriously, yes they will last that long. BTW I fully concur with arbyunc's assessment of Deweys VS Winkler's.

      2. re: Tee

        Here are photos of the sugar cake I bought this morning.

        Wrapped in wax paper (looks like focaccia)

        A little more than an inch high

        I did break off a corner to taste immediately. And, in truth, it seemed a bit stale to me, making me wonder if what's on the shelf at 10:30am is from the day before.

      3. I would get two sugar cakes @ Winklers. One to eat right away with some scuppernog sparkling grape juice and another for your host the next day. There is a nice field right beside of winklers where you can have an impromptu picnic.

        1. Moravian cookies. Lemon.

          1. Mmmm, sugar cakes are deadly! They will easily keep a few days, so by all means take one (or more) to your friends.

            Regarding Dewey's, I think Winkler's is a bit better, but in a blind taste test one probably can't tell much difference in the Moravian cookies and sugar cakes from the two bakeries. It's probably more in my mind than anything, but the fact that Winkler's uses a 200-year-old wood-fired oven just makes it seem more authentic. Dewey's has a much broader selection, including pastries and other kinds of cakes, but I like the atmosphere and ambience of Winkler's. It's definitely not to be missed.

            And don't forget about the cheese straws!

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            1. re: arbyunc

              Never, ever, forget those cheese straws. Yeah, boy.

              1. re: arbyunc

                I loved the wood-burning oven.

                But even more so, the 72 year-old baker. When he asked where I was from, I said San Francisco, and my friend interjected that I was a bbq judge and headed to Lexington's contest. Said baker took one look at my Chinese-American face and blurted, "You are NOT a barbecue judge!" He'd answered my questions about Winkler baking operations, but he got even more animated telling me how he makes his own Eastern style bbq (and sort of sneered at Lexington). He described how to build a pit from cinder blocks, the grill shelf, and insultated material for cover that I could pick up any hardware store. He said he uses charcoal for even burning heat and oak for flavorful smoke and never turns the meat. Oh, and he added that he uses a "tobacco stick" to pull the finished meats out of the pit. He told me to give him some notice and next visit he'll make some barbecue for me.

                Edited to add: He schooled me on the correct pronunciation of Bertie, Ayden, and Conetoe. And described barning tobacco.

                1. re: Melanie Wong

                  It was the "San Francisco" part that did it ;)

                  1. re: mikeh

                    Heheh, here's my guy, Bobby James.

                    He told me he cooked barbecue for 150 people for his "oldest baby girl". Wanted to do a whole hog but couldn't get one so used all shoulders. I think he said he was from Pitt County. It was interesting how he got so excited talking about 'que. He said I was in "high cotton" coming to North Carolina to eat barbecue.

                  2. re: Melanie Wong

                    Nice introduction to the passion which surrounds most NC BBQ conversations!

                    I prefer the sugar cake after putting it under the broiler, when the sugar is nice and bubbly.

                    Enjoying your explorations immensely!

                    1. re: meatn3

                      Thanks for that tip! I'm heading to Charlotte today and will try that for the sugar cake I bought for my hosts.

                      1. re: meatn3

                        That really did the trick last night, thanks! The soon-to-graduate high school senior of the house learned how to use the broiler. Loved the aroma of the hot sugar and it perked up the pastry portion too.

                        1. re: Melanie Wong

                          Glad it worked!

                          It does sound like the cake may have been stale. Fresh it is soft enough that if you had your palm under the center then the rest would dip below your hand, soft but not totally pliable.

                          I know many who have it for breakfast Christmas morning, perhaps there is less of a demand for it other times of the year.

                  3. The "loose" tea cookies - a little different than the very thin traditional moravian cookies - are the best. They are sold in half pound bags, I think? You can also get hot cross buns this time of year and they would make a great hostess gift. Have fun!

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                    1. re: cooking4watts

                      I bought some of the loose cookies, in random shapes, in a box to take home, as well as cheese straws. I also got some very thin bunny-shaped cookies in pastel colors for the kids in Charlotte and the sugar cake.