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Apr 19, 2011 12:37 PM

Recommendations in Sullivan County and Hudson Valley

Hi Chowhounds,

I currently live in Minneapolis, but will be visiting my parents in NY in May. I need some recommendations on where to eat. Now for the hard part:

My father lives in Sullivan County and my mother lives in Kingston. I am looking for recommendations in their area that would satisfy a foodie. I am also a vegetarian.

Any help appreciated!

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  1. Forgottendreamr,

    I grew up in Sullivan County (actually, Woodbourne) and I can tell you that in Sullivan county you would be hard pressed to find anything that would satisfy a foodie.......... Ulster county, near Kingston will be MUCH better suited to your request. I now live in Milwaukee (have not lived in Sullivan County in over 30 years, but visit) so don't have good recommendations for you. But, I think that you should concentrate on the Rhinebeck, Kingston, Ulster County area. Good luck!

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    1. re: rjlebed

      I grew up there, too (Grahamsville)...hence I'm at a loss :)

      Last time I visited, I ate at New World Home Cooking in Saugerties. We got a solid meal, though I think their "Ric-ter Scale" was overrated...I ate their hottest without noticing much heat. Also had some misdirection on the wine. Will most likely eat there again (my mom's a fan), but if there is a "must try" in the area, I'd be open.

      New World Home Cooking
      1411 Route 212, Saugerties, NY 12477

      1. re: forgottendreamr

        How funny. Two people from Grahamsville and Woodbourne on this board....... My dad owned Lebed's pharmacy. Not sure how old you are but your family may have spent time there years ago........ Looks like we both escaped! But, it still is very pretty there.......

      2. aroma thyme in ellenville. new paltz is your other best bet for a place.

        my fave place in kingston loves the swine, so that wouldn't work too well.

        1. there may be hope for kauneonga lake...just north of white lake...theres a strip of 3 or 4 restaurants right on the to appetizer hop...the northernmost resto is the fay lady cafe where weve had two very good dinners and one very good lunch all out on the deck...and you are only a couple of miles from bethel woods(a great museum) and the original woodstock site!!!!

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          1. re: corky

            I agree! I enjoyed the Woodstock Museum in Bethel and the Fat Lady Cafe very much. My geography isn't so great so I don't know what county Barryville NY is in but there's a very good, small family-owned Italian restaurant there called Tre Alberi where I've eaten 2x, so can recommend if you find yourself in the area. Here's a Yelp link with address info & a review from someone.

            The Fat Lady Cafe
            13 Horseshoe Lake Rd, Kauneonga Lake, NY 12749

            1. re: cloverose

              I too, agree re:Kauneonga Lake. Love the Fat Lady and there is now Java Love across the street; they roast on site and first tastes get highest recommendation! A mile, or so away on Rt. 17B in the center of White Lake is The Front Porch. A bit more upscale, but I have had several very tasty meals there. Also agree re: Aroma Thyme; advantage there is it's on the way between Sullivan County and Kingston. BTW, Barryville is in Sullivan. Have eaten several times at Tre Alberi. Very cozy since you are literally eating in someone's home. A bit out of the way, though.

              The Fat Lady Cafe
              13 Horseshoe Lake Rd, Kauneonga Lake, NY 12749

          2. I would check out Culinary Creations in Pine Bush. This is right on the borders of Orange, Sullivan and Ulster County. It is a small place that serves beer and wine only and the menu varies quite a bit.

            Culinary Creations
            52 Main St, Pine Bush, NY 12566

            1. There are 2 excellent restaurants in Middletownn NY. The Blue Finn and Nina. I live in Manhattan and know a good restaurant when I eat in one. Check both of these restaurants for reviews and you'll see.

              Blue Finn
              157 Dolson Ave, Middletown, NY 10940