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Apr 19, 2011 12:27 PM

BBQ Truck in Milford NH????

I noticed that there is a BBQ truck like thing set up where the old police station is. Does anyone know anything about it?

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  1. Ha! I was thinking I needed to check it out soon (possibly tomorrow) to be able to report here on it...last year we went when it was parked up the road in Wilton. The meats we got (pulled pork and brisket) I remember being good, but my husband was pretty turned-off that the sauces offered were regular bottled sauces. It was a disappointment considering the guy went to the trouble to get this pit-truck built to make some pretty authentic BBQ...what was he putting on the meat then? I will definitely be trying it again at least, it's too convenient not to.

    1. Please let us know. I didn't know it was parked in Wilton last year!

      1. Oh, can't wait to see some reviews on here! I love BBQ and can't find any really good, authentic stuff around here. I lived in Texas for a while and have spent lots of time in the Carolinas and other southern states...I'm picky!!

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          Have you been to KC's Rib Shack in Manchester? Curious about your opinion. I like it more than the stuff I had in Memphis (but I'm a Yankee).

          1. re: ecwashere7

            KC's - been there once. It's just okay. I would never make it a point to go back, but if friends wanted to go, I would.

            I've been to Blue Ribbon in Mass....that's better but still not awesome.

            Lester's in Burlington Mass is okay as well.

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              I saw some mixed reviews of the BBQ truck in Wilton last year .

              It is a hard category to run a business in, since as opposed to say hamburgers where they can cook as they go, BBQ places have to predict demand long in advance given the cooking time.

              Blue Ribbon is decent, but it can't top BT Smokehouse in Sturbridge, best place in New England IMO.

              KC's Rib Shack I found too sweet., and their sides were very mediocre, almost certainly premade/out of a can or packet like their mashed potatoes. In NH, I prefer Goody Coles over in Brentwood.

              1. re: Msample

                msample...i really want to try BT....maybe next time we are driving to NJ. it's been on my must-try list for a while now.

                1. re: Msample

                  Wow, I cannot believe I never knew about this place! It would be the perfect pit-stop while waiting for the Sturbridge toll traffic to clear out. Thanks for adding this time, looks like I'll be able to try it out next week!

                  Also, I spoke to someone about the BBQ truck today and I was told that the pulled pork was "dry" (the sandwich was also about $7). It was also confirmed that the sauces offered are still store-bought.

                  1. re: solargarlic

                    The feedback I had heard on the truck was that some of the meat was cooked, stored cold, and then reheated. Tends to dry things out.

                    BT Smokehouse is about 2 mins, if that, off Rt 84 one exit before the Pike. Perfect pit stop on the way back north.



                    He also has specials not listed on the online menu; check out the Facebook page.

                    1. re: Msample

                      If you can wait about 2 months, there will be a couple of BBQ trucks heading to Merrimack for the Rotary Ribfest. This year, it's June 17 - 19 on the Budwiser factory grounds. I think they charge $5 to get in, & you have to buy the BBQ separately. Here's the link, but there's not too much info on it yet - just the date.

                      1. re: southie_chick

                        That is about right. I have judged the BBQ contest the last two years but have walked around in between turn ins. There are about a dozen places selling food, many of which have BBQ. Mostly ribs/pulled pork. Not much beef IIRC. Fried dough, fried Oreos ! Prices are a bit on the high side if I remember correctly, but not outrageous.One thing to keep in mind is that the lines can get quite long - some friends waited over a half hour in line at one of the food vendors. That said, given the scarcity of passable Q in southern NH, its probably worth a stop if you are in the area .

          2. Ate here today for the first time. Hubby had been a few times previously and noted that they have a BBQ platter for $30, which we got tonight. It included: pulled pork, brisket, beef ribs, potato salad, cole slaw, baked beans, and cornbread. Here are my thoughts:
            Pulled pork: Decent, but not extraordinary. I make it a lot and like mine better (yeah, I'm biased).
            Brisket: Outstanding. Loved it and would have eaten a lot more, but it's my husband's favorite, so I let him have the majority of it. Tender and hugely flavorful.
            Ribs: Fantastic. I usually eat pork baby back ribs, and was pleasantly surprised at these: huge and meaty, very tender. Not sauced, but smoked and with a rub that was a little sweet (brown sugar, I think) and a little kick of hotness.
            Potato salad: Didn't care for it, though there was nothing not to like about it. I generally don't care for potato salad from anywhere but home because of the propensity to include onions, which I hate raw. I smelled them, but didn't taste them, because I only took one bite.
            Beans: Really good, though nothing I hadn't tasted before.
            Cole slaw: Fine, without that over-processed tang that I find often, but lacked seasoning. When I make it, I season with salt, pepper, and celery seed, all of which were lacking.
            Cornbread: Very good. Not sure if they used a mix or if it was made from scratch, but it was moist and flavorful.

            The amount of food we got was decent--enough for 2 adults and a child, plus a decent amount of leftovers. We figured we'd have spent more if we'd gone to a restaurant for that, so we were happy with the price for what we got. The owner told my husband he could have a whole brisket prepared (with a week's notice) for $50, and we're planning on getting one for Christmas. As noted previously, it's odd to us that he doesn't have his own sauces, but since I'm picky about sauces (hate the NC-style vinegar or mustard-based ones), I was fine using my own at home.
            I hope they do well. Hubby and I are arguing over whether it said "Pete's" or "Phillip's" BBQ on the side of the truck. Pretty sure I'm right and that it was Pete's. :)

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              Finally got around to trying this place. Been twice in the last couple weeks and I agree with the above poster. Puts the Memphis Blues place to shame. While the sides are ordinary at best, the meats are outstanding. Good bark and very good smoke flavor. If you are in the area, check it out. Only caveat would be to check out their hours on their Facebook page.