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Apr 19, 2011 11:53 AM

Stumble Tour - Vancouver beer

Hi all,

I've gotten such good recommendations here for other questions that I'm back for more.

Here's the background: five guys from the Seattle area with three nights in Vancouver. On one day, I'd like to put together an epic walking brewpub/brewery/beer tour. We'll get started at lunch and have no need to finish early.

The requirements: The best of BC beer, preferably with a brewery tour included at some point; everything needs to be walkable, or at least easily accessible from transit, though we don't mind putting in the miles on foot. Heavy on the IPA's (or at least a celebration of hops), and one of the places needs to have (relatively) good food.

So far, I'm looking at linking a few of the following:

Granville Island Brewing
Steamworks Brewing
Yaletown Brewery
Alibi Room
Salt (for food)
Six Acres

Am I missing a great place for beer that's in town and close? Or shall I skip something in the list because it's overrated?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. ...and I just came across Brickhouse, so consider that on the list as well.

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      Biercraft has a good beer list.

      It's not entirely within your mission statement, but I'd also recommend checking out the sake maker o'er at Granville Island. The guy's pretty engaging and the tasting is a fun hour or so:

      1. re: matchswain

        Leo is awesome at the Brickhouse (an idiosyncratic barman kind of awesome). All I can remember drinking on tap there was Tree IPA. A good beer, not sure if that alone will justify a stop, but they do have a pool table.

        Alibi is a must. There are many great one offs on tap and if you can get over BC's current obsession with American craft beers that are normally half the price in their homeland you will have a great time (expect to pay $8+ for a pint of Pike imperial IPA).

        Yaletown's brewmaster Iain Hill has been making some of my favorite beers in the city. Currently has a great hefeweizen that I've had at Alibi. Not a fan of the room in Yaletown, but I've only been when it was super busy.

        The GI taproom, I think is still worth a stop if only for their terrific imperial IPA that is brewed by Vern on location. Only seasonal beers are brewed in Vancouver. All of their regular beers are produced in Kelowna and most aren't really worth your attention.

        If you're on the island, you might want to check out Dockside at the Granville Island hotel. Not the best beers, but I have had some tasty ones from a prior brewmaster. They do have a nice large patio out back that would be great for afternoon sipping.

        Six Acres is all bottled beer. Great room.

        Pourhouse has a well selected tap list but they only have 6 taps. Ask about whatever seasonal they have on the rotating tap.

        Hope your tour works out!

        Six Acres
        203 Carrall St, Vancouver, BC V6B2J2, CA

        Pourhouse Restaurant
        162 Water Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 1B2, CA

        1. Alibi Room has the best selection of BC beer (on taps and in casks) with the highest turnover. Granville Island Brewing is actually owned by MolsonCoors, or whatever they're called. Myself, I think the best BC breweries are the ones in Victoria like Phillips and Driftwood. Alibi Room will have their stuff. My favourite Vancouver made brew is Storm's Hurricane IPA, and it is best supped at The Whip. I like the Whip's menu, too.

          Alibi Room
          157 Alexander St, Vancouver, BC V6A1B8, CA

          1. If your goal is to taste good beer, I'll put in my favourite bottled IPAs:

            1. Hop Circle IPA (Phillip's, Victoria)
            2. Cutthroat Pale Ale (Tree Brewing, Kelowna)
            3. Sargeant's IPA (Old Yale Brewing, Chilliwack)
            3. Red Racer IPA (Central City Brewing, Surrey)

            Very tough to find any of these on tap so best to buy them in the bottle but check the brewing date to get the freshest possible. Enjoy!

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            1. re: GuinnessGuy

              You are missing St. Augustine's on Commercial Drive ( many taps of delicious, fresh micro brews!)
              Definitely Alibi Room and Yaletown Brew as well. Also, Biercraft on Commercial Drive for tasty Belgium beer

              Alibi Room
              157 Alexander St, Vancouver, BC V6A1B8, CA