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Apr 19, 2011 10:43 AM

Chuck Hughes - Next Iron Chef? [moved from Quebec board]

I'm not sure if this should be posted in this forum, so sorry in advance.

Chuck Hughes will be a contestant on the Next Iron Chef. Good for him!
I found the information here:

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    cherry cherry, you might find this thread interesting. It discusses when Chuck and Bobby Flay appeared on NIC.

    1. As foodies might now, unfortunately Chuck was sent home from the show after a battle with popcorn, but apparently there is a "vote for your fav" chef on the food network site. maybe he'll have a chance to come back as a wildcard... please vote for our canadian chef!!!

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      1. re: FollowMe2Adventure

        I think he has a greater future as a clam diver in Baja! :)

      2. I watched his show yesterday and he was so hunched in his shoulders the whole show. I wanted someone to tell him to stand up straight.

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        1. re: vafarmwife

          Canadians often have hunched shoulders.... from shoving all that snow and trying to keep warm from the biting cold.

            1. re: FollowMe2Adventure

              Well I think any Canadian seems hunched and insecure compared to the giant peacock chest-flaunting ego of Bobby Flay. :)

          1. On a recent episode of "Chuck's Week Off" where he was in Mexico with the Mexican wrestling - he was announced as the Next Iron Chef winner....I think they were referring to his win over Bobby Flay, but it almost made it sound like they were announcing he won NIC....

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            1. re: jenscats5

              Very odd... would be great if he gets back on the show as a wild card and wins it all!! But it's probably rigged like all other "reality" shows. But vote anyways on the website, just in case it's not too late. Maybe it will at least show them we want to see more Canadian chefs showcased.

              1. re: FollowMe2Adventure

                I'm pretty sure Food Network is working hard to make him a star. I don't think it was a coincidence that the secret ingredient on ICA against Flay was lobster. It gave him the chance to showcase his restaurant's signature dish. So if they don't make him Iron Chef with this show, they'll find another way.

                1. re: SnackHappy

                  Agreed. I've seen alot of Iron chef where you know who will win just by the ingredient. I bet the execs of FN sit around the big table thinking.... hmmm who do we want to showcase? Well "so and so" is going to have a new show next season, so lets pump them up a bit so we have more ratings and interest on the new program.

              2. re: jenscats5

                Really? Odd.
                If he is so into Mexican cooking, one might even posit that he should be into Chinese cooking, since many "Chinese" restaurants in North America have Mexican cooks!!
                Heh. :-)

              3. I cannot get enough of Chuck Hughes. I think he is gorgeous to look at. Not only is he really great looking but his nature is very gracious. He does nice things for others in the episodes. I love his accent too. I was so bummed when he got kicked off last week because I like the way he cooks too. I guess he is like the perfect 3!

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                1. re: cherrytomato

                  "I think he is gorgeous to look at."
                  He does nothing for me. Different strokes.

                  1. re: cherrytomato

                    I agree cherrytomato ! His love of food and his helpful nature makes him stand out . I would love to see more of him. Make sure you put in your votes as mentioned above because he is neck to neck with Chef Burrell for first place.