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Apr 19, 2011 10:39 AM

Pop's Garage in Shrewsbury

Article in the AP Press. Slated to open this Friday:

Is it me or are new "Mexican" (i.e., tacos, etc) restaurants becoming the new Italian restaurants (in other words, everywhere you look)?

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  1. There has been a large increase in the number of Mexican places, especially in areas like Red Bank, Long Branch and Asbury Park as a result of the expansion of local Pueblan Mexican communities. Fortunately, a large percentage of these places are family run, quite good and deserve the label "authentic." Unlike most of the ubiquitous Italian restaurants, these establishments are focused largely on the local community, and often English is a distant second language. There are also an increasing number of Tex Mex / Cal Mex and Caribbean Mex places of varying quality.

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      Ate at this place today. We were in the same plaza for a storytime at Jackrabbit Toys (I THINK that's what it was). Anyway, with a hungry tired baby who does not adjust well to having the clocks turned back an hour, we meandered over to Pop's Garage. We were the only customers there, but I was still surprised and pleased at how fast the food came out. I had two tacos.. carne asade and carnitas. Both were good, and served with a slice of lime. Also had a chicken empanada for an appetizer.. this was fantastic and the best thing I had. They had Boylan's soda on tap, which was a nice touch.. I had black cherry. Wife had a cheese quesadilla, baby had mac n' cheese. Casual atmosphere.. I bet myself I would hear a Grateful Dead song before we left.. and I was right.