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Apr 19, 2011 09:56 AM

Andouillette in Paris or Tours?

Where can I eat a classic andouillette?

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  1. Troyes -- it's famous for its andouillette.

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    1. re: sunshine842

      Indeed, but I'm not going to be near there.

      1. re: Robert Lauriston

        I seem to have seen it on the menu of Biche de Bois but won't swear to it.

    2. Had a great version at Chez Denise 4 years ago...but then again, it was the only version I've had.

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      1. Had some AAA from Troyes a couple of weeks ago for lunch at Le Select (99 Boulevard du Montparnasse); good, although not as good as the ones I had in a small bistro in St. Mihiel but that's a considerable distance further away. They're also on the menu at Chartier (7 RUE DU FAUBOURG MONTMARTRE), but I haven't had them there.

        If you like, you can also get a platter of cold andouillete charcuterie at Les Pipos (2 Rue de l'Ecole Polytechnique; 5th), but that's not my style.

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          1. re: Robert Lauriston

            Agreed. Ew.
            Could jbw mean the andouille cold cuts?

            1. re: Parigi

              That must indeed have been andouille.

              Andouillette is everywhere. Particularly in Paris. Although it is better where the 5A is served, it is rarely bad. Even supermarket andouillette is good.

              Look for the AAAAA* label or the products from le père Duval, a charcutier in Drancy, who makes excellent andouillettes.

              * Association Amicale des Amateurs d'Andouillettes Authentiques.

              1. re: Ptipois

                Fascinating thread. I was just in Troyes researching and tasting andouillette. I met a charcutier there who flat-out refuses to be part of AAAAA saying that it's only for industrial andouillette. I initially thought it was sour grapes -- except the walls of his shop were lined with prize cups and medals (from other concours). This is just to say that andouillettes not marked AAAAA are not necessarily bad -- they might even be made in smaller production.

                I am not an andouillette fan, but I respect it. Also, I prefer it cold, the taste and smell are less pronounced, and the texture (which is my real problem) is more solid, less ropy.

                1. re: Cookingthebooks

                  When cold, it is like a miniature andouille and can perfectly be sliced and eaten with toast and butter. Breakfast!

              2. re: Parigi

                That is correct: Andouille campagnarde; but i still wouldn't order it again!

          2. I don't know Tours but i've been in Paris for 10 years and the best andouillette is served at restaurant Le Pied de Cochon which is a great brasserie located in Les Halles district (metro les halles line 4). It is a AAAAA as advised above. Remember France is a small country and you dont need to travel to Troyes to get the best of it:-) Enjoy your stay.

            1. In Vouvray (2 km from Tours), you have a famous pork butcher named Hardouin. His andouillette is outstanding. He also provides some products to Lafayette Gourmet and La grande Epicerie in Paris.