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Apr 19, 2011 09:50 AM

Question about Can Marti in Barcelona!

I am having a little trouble with the English translation of their website and cannot seem to find their hours; are they open for lunch or just dinner? What days?
If you go for dinner, do you get a sunset view or city lights?
Is it 'dressy' (I would guess not, since there is a section on the website about hiking/biking to the restaurant).

It sounds really tasty (even though we will miss calcot season).
Any other advice/suggestions?

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  1. I haven't tried it but I know it serves traditional Catalan food. The website shows pictures of the restaurant and it does have nice views of Barcelona, all the way to the ocean. Casual dress should be okay.
    Their website doesn't provide information about hours of operation. is more useful and you can even make your reservation online.

    1. Can Marti is a very casual country restaurant despite being located in an upscale suburb overlooking the city. We had lunch there a month or so ago and I wrote a small report about our (wonderful) experience. You do not need to dress up. The dining room overlooks the city (it was a bit foggy when I was there) which is believe is to the south of the restaurant.

      Be sure to catch the funicular from the train station, or risk a punishing uphill walk. (I actually flagged down a passing truck and begged for a ride; that is how steep the hill was; we missed the funicular!) When you leave the restaurant, make sure to get clear directions to the location of the downhill funicular, because I could not find that either and walked down the hill as well.

      Ask them what they recommend, and look around to what others are having--grilled meats and grilled veg are their specialty.

      OPening days and hours are provided on the website linked by Aleta above.

      Book a table by the window for the best views. The city center is quite far in the distance.

      You will get a good view of Sarria and the nearby Monasterio de Pedralbes, though.

      I do not believe that anyone in the restaurant speaks English although they do have a menu in English (but not in Castillian, on the day I was there, just English and Catalan)