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Apr 19, 2011 09:43 AM

Jelly Modern Doughnut - you have to try it

there is a new place on 8th street SW just north of 17th ave SW on the east side of the street; it is in the bottom of a building - i think a clothing store used to be there...
anyway, it is called Jelly Modern Doughnut and it is worth a visit

The space is modern and bright and the coffee was good but i'm not a coffee expert but i do know my baked goods and these doughnuts are delicious.

the secret is they are super fresh and chewy and tasty and the toppings are not too sweet!!!

i picked up a dozen for the office and we have been sampling all morning. so far i have tried the honey glaze - really light flavour
s'more - amazing - the marshmallows must be house made
coconut - creamy real coconut not the fake sweet filler
chocolate - rich and dark
and my new found obsession
the maple bacon - i am not going to attempt to describe it - just go try it

i'm looking forward to trying a pb&j next time i go - which might be tonight on the way home from work

(as an aside i just had "bites" of each type)

i swore off doughnuts years ago as you could only get the doughnut chain ridiculous flavour varieties but i am converted. step aside cupcakes, and move along macaroons - i am hooked on doughnuts. i won't be standing in line at manuel latreu anymore to a tarte to a party - everyone is getting doughnuts.

i don't know if they have a website and i'm not sure of the address but it is worth a drive down 8th street just north of 17th ave

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  1. oh, and one more thing, they are transfat and preservative free, use organic ingredients and local suppliers so you can feel even better about eating one
    they are also relatively inexpensive - 12 for about $24 which i think is less expensive than a cupcake and they are a generous size


      No content yet - "coming soon".

      Sounds like a great find

      1. When did they open? Last I heard they were still setting up.

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        1. re: maplesugar

          Finally! +1 "step aside cupcakes, and move along macaroons "

          Thought we might miss this trend all together

            1. re: Leibowitz

              Oh, yes, I forgot. Preemptively, I'm so over the whole doughnut thing. I liked them before they where sell outs.

          1. Website is up and running.

            They look nice, would get one or two on occasion. $25 for a dozen is steep. Donut Mill in Red Deer still make the best.

            "Canada's original gourmet doughnut bakery cafe"... Huh? What does that even mean?

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            1. re: piano boy

              I agree, I love Donut Mill. When I first moved here fellow Chow's recommended I go there and since that first trip the SO and I go there once a month for apple fritters!

              Sadly, I don't see any real "classics" on the menu -and frying is still frying even if you use organic flour!!! (lol) but hey-its a treat, right? I'll go and check it out, but I agree it will probably only be a once and awhile thing. If their cinnamon buns are good they may get me though!

            2. These guys were on Breakfast Television this morning. The donuts looked HUGE. Their "mini" donuts looked to be the same size as a Tim Horton's donut. Having said that, they looked amazingly delicious. My friend has tried them and said the same thing.

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              1. re: cellophane_star

                yup, they're big alright. Almost too big for my taste, almost 8" across. The price kinda set me aback at first, but I guess given the size it kinda makes sense. I tried the PBJ and I'm not sold on them yet...