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Apr 19, 2011 08:55 AM

Please critique my Restaurant Itinerary Barcelona in September

Hello Chowhounds!!
After much, much, much research...I have my itinerary for my "foodie" places in BCN...dates and times re: lunch vs dinner or the day of the week was taken into account dates that restaurants close & times, and also my "sightseeing" itinerary...

arrive airport @ 11:15am ( I assume i can be in my Bed & Breakfast by 13:00hrs?)
Lunch: Gelonch (4 blks from my B&B)
go to Barceloneta&Port Olimpic, etc)
Dinner: Cinc Sentits (cannot make res. until 2wks prior) so hope i can get them

Lunch: Quimet & Quimet (few bits & a drink) move on to
Tickets (few blks from Quimet)
Dinner: have Reservations for Comerc 24 (festival menu)
this day I will be around boqueria & Barri Gotic (maybe a walking tour)

Lunch: don't know yet (any recomendations...I will be in Eixample near Sagrada Familia & Casa Mila & Casa Batlo
Dinner: Paco Meralgo (made reservations through

What do you all think??
Thanks for any input

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    1. Friends who were in Barcelona in September didn't talk about the food. The heat was their main memory and their several starred lodging didn't have air conditioning. After two sleepless nights, they moved (hang the cost).

      You might want to factor into your planning the reason that Spain has a "go home and nap" time in the afternoons.

      If you can find Dr. Muller (the U has an umlaut) white wine, we found it to be very pleasant and reasonably priced the week we spent in Tarragona. I found the more wretched the deli meats smelled, the better they tasted.

      Up the coast, Gerona has the most charming ronda that goes along a creek that will be dry in September. South, along the coast, Tarragona has a two tiered Roman aquaduct with wild rosemary and thyme growing in the valley at the base of it (my favorite plant memory) and a great museum with Roman mosaics as well as parts of the old city wall, just waiting for a walk about.

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      1. re: shallots

        Shallots, I haven't been in Barcelona in September (and it sounds like you haven't either) but I beg to differ with you.

        August might be a difficult time since many restaurants are closed for the summer but September should be both pleasant in terms of weather and food. At least, the original poster will not be melting from the July or August heat!

        As far as siesta goes, Spaniards may nap and small shops may close in the afternoon but sightseeing places (such as the above-mentioned Sagrada Familia and Casa Batllo and Mila) will stay open all day. For such a short visit, I'm sure the poster will prefer to skip the nap and see the sights. BTW, I think the poster has LOTS of experience with siestas!

        The Catalans are fiercely proud of their wines and they have good cause for it. Catalunya has at least 11 DO's (denominacion de origen) and the DO Priorat region is actually a DOCa which is denominacion de origen calificada -region making wines of the highest quality. La Vinya del Senyor is a wine bar that has been mentioned on this forum. My go-to place is Bar Zim, owned by the same people next door at Formatgeria La Seu. Quimet i Quimet also has a wondeful selection of both local and foreign wines.

        Sunday is family day in Barcelona. Foodie places are usually closed by restaurants catering to families are at their busiest. These include places like Fonda Gaig, El Vell Sarria, Kaiku and the traditional Catalan restaurants.

        Bar Mut is open on Sundays! I haven't been there but I've read that it has an interesting selection of upscale tapas. Not cheap either.

        Near Passeig de Gracia, there are the popular Cerveceria Catalana and Ciutat Comtal for tapas.

        1. re: Aleta

          Thanks Aleta!!
          exactly what I was looking for!!
          I would love to go to Kaiku on Sunday....but its a bit out of my way, since I'll be in the Eixample area most of the day...
          I still havent made up my mind for Sunday Lunch a nice place to have a glass of wine & something small to eat by Casa Batllo would be ideal! ...I don't want a heavy lunch, since i'll be @ Paco Meralgo for dinner.
          Thanks...keep em' comming :)

      2. Quim and Pinotxo in the Boqueria
        Cal Pep
        Cuidad Condal for tapas

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        1. re: sushiman

          Hello...thanks for the suggestions, they are a bit out of my way since Sunday I'll be in Eixample area, any suggestions for Sunday Lunch Near Casa Batllo??/

          1. re: yesilovestotravel

            I think Sushiman is trying to remind you to stop at El Quim and Bar Pinotxo when you visit the Boqueria but not on Sunday. The Boqueria is closed on Sunday.

            Ciudad Condal (or Ciutat Comtal, in Catalan) is near Casa Batllo but if you're going to Paco Meralgo the same day, it may be tapas overload.

            Do have a look at Bar Mut. It's tapas too but very different from Paco Meralgo. Altho' it's expensive, you can order a few things and make it a light lunch. Plus it's very close to Casa Mila.

            1. re: Aleta

              Oh, sorry now I see! Thanks sushiman!
              Thanks Aleta, I didn't realize La Boqueria was closed on Sunday!
              I was planing for Saturday anyways, but who knows I probably would of left it for Sunday if I didn't know it was closed, so for sure I'll make it on Saturday!

        2. Yay for Paco Meralgo! See my trip report for details on our meal.