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Apr 19, 2011 08:30 AM

Coming Soon to a TV Near You...Next Iron Chef 4

Food TV just released the line-up for the Next IC 4, and I have to say it looks like a strong line-up. About 90% of the list is culled from the stable of existing FTV "talent".

For everyone that was disappointed Alex Guarnaschelli didn't compete in the recent Chopped All-Stars, you'll get your chance to see her compete on IC 4.

Here's the complete run down on the list of competitors -

Donatella Arpia is gone as a judge. I'm okay with that; she was pretty much a loose cannon last season.

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  1. Spike Mendelsohn?

    He must have a great PR/booking agent.

    1. No Donatella? Thank GOD. She didn't impress me as knowledgable, fair, balanced, or consistent. Plus, she's the most annoying Food Network judge since Karine.

      1. now, if they would just get rid of that smarmy, phony, Alton Brown.

        1. jeeez..
          are they just going to keep going every year?
          at the rate they are going there wont be anybody to challenge them...cuz everybody will be an iron chef..

          in 10 years there were only 6 iron chefs japan...
          and they only replaced someone when they left/retired...

          1. I noticed Cat's name missing from the line up of current Iron Chefs.

            Impressive list but they should just give it to Ann and be done with it. She's a monster in the kitchen!

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              1. re: Dee S

                I'm not a big fan of Cat Cora and she always seems to lose on Iron Chef (she won last week but that was the first time in ages I remember that happening).

                I'm pretty excited about the lineup though there's a few oddballs that seem to be there only for ratings/celebrity quotient. I'm pulling for Anne or Marcus!