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Apr 19, 2011 08:23 AM

Good selection of fresh, whole fish in San Antonio?

I'm open to any kind of market. I'd like something fresh, a wide selection, and preferably a place that will gut it for me.

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    1. re: rexster314

      nope, not whole. maybe occasionally. WF might, but that's out of my price range.

      back in Dallas asian markets often had the best variety, but i don't have the time to seek out the good ones here.

      1. re: kindofabigdeal

        You might try HEB, I live in Houston near a nice new one, and it has red snapper, flounder, farmed redfish, and others. I'm not sure what the HEBs are like there.

    2. Have you tried Groomers? Check out their website:

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      1. re: SantoneBibi

        YES!!! Groomers is exactly what you are looking for. I love this place. Customer service is A+