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Apr 19, 2011 07:50 AM

Na Brasa

Ate there last week, and just getting around to this report. (By coincidence, I was in Brazil during the end of March & enjoyed "the real thing" with some locals who I work with.) Our dinner started with the salad bar, of course. Lots of good cheeses, some roasted potatoes, various veggies etc. Good quality, pretty standard offerings. While eating our salads, the sides started to arrive, which were excellent. I loved the warm bread with cheese at the center, the grilled polenta, and the fried bananas. Delicious and authentic! Then the meats began to arrive. I started with a grilled lamb chop, which was slightly crispy on the outside and juicy & flavorful on the inside. Next came fillet chunks, top sirloin and my second favorite: garlic steak.

On walking in, I noticed there was a cart for making fresh drinks table side - probably caiperinhas, but we weren't drinking that night.

Service was very good, as expected. Our server was attentive & pleasant, but not pushy. Our water was refilled quickly, and he went over how their process worked since it was our first time there.

Pricing was reasonable in my opinion, based on $35 per person for the entrees. I would definitely go back, as it is a closer option for me without the parking hassle and providing very high quality. In fact, next time, I really need to try those drinks with fresh fruits & herbs...

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  1. Great review. Out of curiosity, did you find any of the meats to be overly salty?

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    1. re: cwdonald

      No, I didn't notice any unusual saltiness. My husband doesn't add salt to food at all, and he didnt' mention anything about it either.

    2. I'm so glad that you gave this review. I've seen this place lots of times and have always been curious to go. I'm a hardcore proponent for Chima and it feels like cheating if I go anywhere else. Now I'm excited.. Mmmmm. meat.

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      1. re: glamazonjade

        Never been to Chima, where is it? Certainly enjoyed Fogo. While in Brazil, I asked my coworkers about them. Their reaction was "Oh yes, they are the best!"

        1. re: truffles2

          Chima is at 19th and JFK in CC. I LOVE it better than going to Fogo. To me, Fogo is overpriced, with overly salty meat.

      2. I agree wholeheartedly with this. I've heard a lot of people talk about 'sacrificing' quality by not going to one of the city joints. I think naBrasa is equal or better. The lamb chops there are to. die. for. And eliminating the parking hassle and for a cheaper price, naBrasa is my choice every time I want to gorge on mass quantities of meat.

        1. Completely agree with everything. I ave been to NaBrasa a few times and really enjoyed it. Compared to the bigger Philly joints, the quality is completely the same but the prices are better. They also do great non-beef items. Favorites are the crusted pork and the salmon. Desserts could be better, but you are really going there for the meat, and not dessert!

          Cwdonald, I have the same issues with salty meat at the brazilian steakhouses and I actually find NaBrasa to be less salty than its Philly counterparts.

          1. I'd be curious if anyone has tried the bar menu. That definitely looks more my speed as I can't eat massive quantities of meat at a sitting.