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Apr 19, 2011 06:10 AM

Bourdain - Boston show -- discuss

well --- what did everyone think ... ??

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  1. my bad ... i see a link is already in progess ... disregard

    1. Just one man's view. This show is not really about food. This episode reminds me of his rust Belt episode. Self loathing American. Transplanted New Yorker. Poseur? Perhaps. Actualized sell out. My hero.

      1. I thought it was hysterical. Love Bordain. He has guts to get drunk on camera. It didn't make Boston look like a place I"d ever want to go, that's for sure, but I loved the gritty, way he showed us around. And, who was the dark haired guy with him? He was from a local band? Loved the boxing segment with those of crusty tough guys.

        1. His partner in crime there was a member of The Unband, a bygone Boston hard-rock band that Bourdain likes from its mid-90s heyday. That kid came across as the poseur, the lace-curtain-Irish boy from Hingham pretending to be all street, and not at all fooling the real Southie natives.

          I would love to claim that Bourdain must have read my Phoenix review of O Senhor Ramos, since he samples all the Azorean dishes I recommend in it, but I think the owners were choosing for him.

          On reflection, the show is a bit of a shambles, about what you would expect from what was effectively a week-long bender, and the time spent with Howie Carr was utterly wasted, but otherwise it was pretty entertaining and original as travelogues go.

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            I'm not sure how Bourdain found The Unband. They were big in Western Mass, but that's about it. I was sad to see Mike all cleaned up and polished as he was far from that in Northampton in the 90's.

          2. I don't think it was even close to his best episode, and thought that the last half was a bit of a mess (didn't really need to see him getting tanked at those three bars at the end), and I was bummed that they didn't show him at Greenhills in Dorchester. Still, it was pretty entertaining stuff, and I'm glad he got to show a couple of the hidden gems in the area (Snack Bar, Galley Diner).