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Apr 18, 2011 10:16 PM

Cooks Illustrated Peruvian Roast Chicken

Has anyone else tried this recipe? Yes, you have to pay for it on the CI site, but there are various "adaptations" floating around on the Internet. My chicken turned out ridiculously awesome, flavor-wise, even with less than the recommended 6 hours of marinating time. Definitely a keeper.

Just one thing bugged me, though: roasting the chicken on a beer can in the oven yielded skin that was nicely crispy on top, but fairly flabby on the legs/thighs, even after a finishing blast of 500 degrees. How could I remedy this? Could I flip the chicken around halfway through cooking, plopping it on the beer can via the neck hole, or will it fall over?

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  1. I dont know the method for this recipe exactly, but I'm assuming you can just pat it dry with paper towels after marinating. That'll allow the skin to crisp up. You can always fan it a bit beforehand to dry the chicken skin a bit. There are a lot of methods to get your skin crispy on a chicken.

    1. Do you have to use a beer can? Maybe on a rack breast side up?

      1. I haven't seen the recipe, but I'm only guessing that you need a much wider pan that is also shallow. If it's deeper than it should be the heat won't be dry enough at the bottom of the bird as it is at the top. Does this make sense?

        1. I know when I make Chinese duck or roasted chicken, I pat it dry and then put it in front of a fan. Skin turns out paper thin and crispy. I was also told to slash the the skin (but not the muscle) to allow the fat to flow out easily. Maybe what is happening for you is that the fat is settling in the bottom half of the bird with nowhere to go?

          1. No you can not plop the bird on a beer can upside down. Not unless you:

            a) make the neck hole wider.


            b) don't mind running the risk of boiling hot beer pouring out all over you.