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Apr 18, 2011 09:44 PM

Favorite gourmet snacks that you can get at a grocery store

What are you favorite lavish (expensive) snacks that you don't have to go to a specialty store to find, but are too pricey to be eating on a daily basis? I'm thinking like cheese, cured meats, canned food, etc.

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  1. Nuts!!!! Try to find jumbo cashews that don't break the bank! Expensive but so good. Even a good extra sharp cheddar is expensive but worth the money with a great loaf of fresh bread!

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    1. re: othervoice

      Check CostCo's "jar" of giant cashews--best price we've found. Happy noshing.

      1. re: pine time

        Trader Joe's has good prices on nuts.

        Not jumbo cashews, but their sesame seed coated cashews are always a big hit.

    2. Marcona almonds. We get them at Costco and eat them a bit more sparingly than peanuts.

      1. More nuts! Sahale snacks. I have to stop myself from eating a whole bag in one sitting.

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          but wait, doesn't 1 bag = 1 serving? ;)

          i'm partial to the Ksar & Soledad blends. when i'm away from home & unable to make my own spiced nuts & seeds i'll treat myself to a bag. they really are pricy!

        2. Prosciutto, sliced paper-thin, maybe with figs or equally-thin provolone cheese. Any of the dry sausages and salamis are real rare treats for me, but there's nothing like prosciutto!

          Also lox or nova on bagels or crackers, with or without cream cheese. Or chopped liver, for that matter.

          1. Beef jerky, it runs $1 per ounce for the Good Value brand at Walmart, a tad more at SuperTarget for their store brand, Publix makes you pay out the nose, and don't even think about buying it in a convenience store.

            Costs more for a name brand.

            I've learned to stay away from brands I don't recognize, got some at Costco named Pacific something or other that sucked.